Monday, January 12, 2015

Post It Note To Myself

Last March when I heard the words "You have Brain Cancer", I knew things had to change.

I had to change the way I lived my life from eating and taking care of my body, mind and spirit but I had also realized that I needed to change the way I looked at things.

Simple things that always bothered me.  Things that the kids did or didn't do.  The way they eat or don't.  Fighting with each other.  What they watch.  What they wear.  Things that don't affect anything if we do our job as parents.  I could go on and on with a list of things but the fact is that the 4 C's are my (and T's) kids and I don't really give a shit what they do as long as they are still my kids.

Keeping that mindset has been the hardest for me to remember and stick to.  I still get wrapped up in the little bullshit.  Why?

Why is the word that always creeps back into my head.

So I have reset my brain and I will go back to what I personally call CrossFit Parenting.  When things get hard, I will step back, look at what is happening and then GO.  Like trying to lift a bar and it  having too much weight on it.  Step back and remove some and go again.

As circumstances with my life and T and the C's get going too fast then I will remember to pace myself.  Like in CrossFit, someone has to come in last.  Well, I can go slower and still get done what is best for my family. No matter how long it takes.

Kids do what kids do.  An 11, 9. 8 and 5 year old are going to do crazy shit and flip it upside down and do it again and the next time it will be completely different.  Why question it, why question them?

Parenting is the never ending CrossFit Wod of life.  It's not for time.  It's not how many rounds can you finish.  It's the lessons of Unthinkable and Unknowable that will stay with us a lifetime.

TWO people are raising OUR kids and WE know what's best and we adapt and change as the days go by.

I gotta lace em up and get rolling.  Time for me to inhale and exhale.




Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's Time

2014 was a year filled with craziness.  

But, take note.

2015 is going to be a year of change.

2015 is going to be a year of hard work, dedication and desire.

It's not about fancy words.  It's not about what is said or what is written.

It's about what is DONE! 

A lot of awesome things are going to happen in 2015.


*Don't forget, if you want to donate to TeamThisDaddy, you can by clicking the link on my main page.*
**All money donated goes to the Flatwater Foundation.**



Thursday, December 11, 2014

I had my moment.

We all have our own little "DAMN AUTOCORRECT" moments and I had mine just the other morning.  Thank goodness it was a text sent to my wife T.

Usually every morning it's a given that I take Lenox (our Boxer) out before I head out to CrossFit.  Well he was hacking and throwing up the other morning and I still got him out so he could do his business.

I was leaving and at the stop sign in the front of the neighborhood, I decided to leave T a text message but it was faster for me to speak it then type it.  Before I show you what I sent her, after some time in CrossFit I got back in the car and looked at my phone.  I had a message from her that read......

"OK keep your dick in your pants please ;)"

What the hell. I was like, dick in my ok.

Went home and looked at T and asked her why the smart ass text messages this morning?

Then she proceeded to tell me about my text to her in the morning.

So Lenox corrects to dick. Lesson learned.




Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Boys Journey To A Special CrossFit Charity Wod

We all know the story.

Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love with the girl.  Boy marries the girl.  Girl has babies.  Life is great, living in a nice house with a brown picket fence.

Then it happened.  The boys brain, which he hadn't really used all that much gets a new tenant.  Glioblastoma, an aggressive Cancer.

Then his life plans are altered.  His life is still great though.  His awesome wife never left his side and his kids became even more valuable then they were before.  He quickly found out who his "friends" were and which "friends" were more like "family".

He then sets sights on a new mission in life.  He wants to make sure that other people who have these brain squatters have a way to evict them and beat them at their own game.  He also feels that he should show support for the other people affected by the brain squatters.

So here we are now.  Boy needs help.  Boy needs your help.  This help doesn't directly help the boy but those just like the boy.

Don't be the boy.  Be the one that joins the boy in kicking the squatters ass out of every brain out there.  FOR GOOD.

Here is how...

TeamThisDaddy Fundraiser Page

All of the boys efforts along with your help goes to The Flatwater Foundation.

and a special CrossFit Charity Wod will take place on January 31st during the The Fittest Games 2015.

*Thanks to Bobby Brooks for asking me to do this and you can also donate to his team as well*

*Thanks to the Fittest Games for making The Flatwater Foundation a part of your event*

*Thanks to The Flatwater Foundation for caring about people like me*



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Start Of Our Amazing Race

So from late June / mid August we had to keep the secret from the kids that we were going to California.  California, a state that the kids had often said they wanted to go visit.  Not to mention all of the things that we were going to be doing while there.

The morning has arrived and we are up long before the sun with the 4 C's wondering why there are suitcases in the truck.  After we parked, we unloaded our bags and made way for the ticket counters.  Just about there I realized that I didn't have my license.  I ran back to the truck like I was in a CrossFit 400m sprint.  Then when we finally get inside and get to the counters we check in and get our tickets.  "Damn it" I yelled.  I forgot C4's car seat, so I had to run back to the truck again.  So much for not sweating before getting on a plane.  T and I decided that we would wait and video the kids reaction while at the airport.  We thought that would be classic.  Asking for the longest time and T and I kept telling them we were going on a trip.  It was funny that when at the airport I had to make sure no one made any comments about our destination until we actually told the kids.

The moment of truth.  Sitting and waiting for the plane to board, I got my phone out and started the camera and we proceeded to tell the kids about the Jack and Jill Foundation and what they stood for and how they helped families like us out.

So the kids now knew that it was the great state of California to which we were headed.  It was kind of amusing that the kids had said they knew it all along.  A short plane trip to Houston and then another to San Diego would be our flight plan.  Armed with excited kids and little Nintendo's we were off.

I sit next to these two, C2 and C3. 

While T get C1 and C4

That is a hot one right there.

He had 5am early morning breath.

C4 didn't last long.

Next thing you know we were landing in California and it was morning all over again.  Now the fun would actually begin.  Off to find our bags and then to the shuttle for the rental car.  

I can say this, San Diego from the minute we landed and walked off the plane was every bit as awesome as we were told it would be.

Next post I will start telling you about how we got our adventure rolling.




Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All We Need Is A Little WOW! In Our Lives

I was fortunate to have Dr. Mark McLaughlin as my Radiologists at Kennestone Hospital for so many reasons.  After seeing him daily for over a month, and meeting T and the C's he did two very special things for us not counting being a part of saving my life. Dr. McLaughlin invited all of us to meet some of the Atlanta Falcons at the hospital one evening and that was awesome. Like a dream for me.  The other thing he did was something that I would have never ever dreamed of.

One day a nurse of Dr. McLaughlin's had come to talk to me about a program.  Saying that the doctor wanted to submit my families name to a foundation that did special things for families of those that had terminal illness' and young children.  So T and I filled out the paperwork, figuring what's the worst that could happen?  Not get picked and we live on, I was OK either way.

Fast forward to June and we had already moved to Texas.  I remember the day and getting the phone call from a woman named Heidi.  Heidi explained that she was the Executive Director and started telling me about the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation.

When a person finds out they have a terminal illness, their lives and the lives of their family are taken and shaken and flipped up inside out.  Often the focus is on the the actual patient and what they need.  People tend to somewhat forget about what the spouse needs or what are the children missing out on.  Usually a person will make a "bucket list" of things THEY want to do before they maybe pass on.  What JAJF (Jack and Jill Foundation) does is treat the entire family to chance to make what they call "WOW! Experiences".  The WOWs give children who may lose a mom or dad the chance to step back and get away from the pain while creating memories as a complete family while they can still do this together.

So now after Heidi tells T and I about the foundation she starts asking us questions about us and the kids and things that we like to do and places we have gone.  To be honest with you T and I thought this was an interview type thing and we were still moving along in the process of maybe being selected.  Answers we are giving Heidi are those that consist of the beach, Disney World, and other places we have gone and things we have done with the kids. Then it hit us like a bus.

"How about we send you all to San Diego, California?"  T and I look at each other and are shocked and stunned.  We had no idea this was coming.  "We can send you to San Diego and you can do the Zoo and LegoLand and hit the beach."  It didn't take long for us to tell her "YES".  Heidi says she will email us and send us some things to fill out and she would call us again in the future. Telling us to think of a date that we may have in mind.

So after little consideration and much planning by Heidi the dates were set having us leaving on Thursday August 21st and coming back Sunday August 24th.  Now since everything was set in place for a great WOW! Experience, the hardest part was going to be keeping it a secret from the 4 C's.




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pass That Shit On

So I was at CrossFit this morning getting ready for the workout of the day.

A lot of the times during my own little pre warm up I close my eyes and think about things.  Things like will the wod be hard?  Will I be able to do this or that or what weight will I go with since I am just getting back into the game.

Today when I got to Hill Country CrossFit I was a little bit early.  As I sat in the car I heard Coach Jerry yelling and I was immediately filled with nerves.  I was STILL IN MY CAR and heard him.  The 7 a.m. class is filled with some tough ass athletes.  "What is he yelling about?" I thought to myself.  Oh well, time to get in there.

Often I wonder if I use this fucking Brain Cancer shit as an excuse in my CrossFit life.  Like yesterday in my "Reality Check" I acknowledged that while I don't feel like I have Brain Cancer, I know I do.  Guess what I'm saying is that it's time to sac up and do what I love to do and that is throw some shit around and get stronger, fitter, faster and smarter.

I have been a follower of The Fittest Games which is a competition hosted by CrossFit Central in Austin, Tx. for sometime now.  In it's 8th year now the theme for the Games is Courage.  Shit, that is great.  I have Courage.  I have that.  Not that I am entering any kind of CrossFit competition or anything.

Then I saw this and it woke me up.

I do all of that.  I take risks.  I am compassionate.  I am definitely humble.  And I stand by my integrity of who I am.  I am not limited by what my Cancer does to me but stronger for what it still allows me to do.  I have the courage to get my ass up and go hit the box.  I have the courage to go get yelled at by Coach Jerry!

And Coach Jerry yells at us with words of courage and enthusiasm.  Motivation and belief that we can finish what we started.  Coach Jerry wasn't yelling to scare anyone, he was yelling as if he was on our shoulder telling us to keep going, don't quit.

He was yelling like he was in my ear saying "Don't quit Scott, fuck that Cancer and never let it be an excuse."

Courage, we all have it.  Pass that shit on.




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