Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 going on 13

Well here I am on a rainy Tuesday night.  It has been raining all day.  I even got my lazy self out of the house tonight and went running. Yes me, I went in the rain. So with SC on in front of me and T in the dining room working on her blog, I am in the bedroom with C4 sleeping next to me and writing on This Daddys blog. Just so all of you know, cause I know certain people out there (like LM) are saying "wow, he got C4 to sleep?" No T did, I just so happen to be in the bed next to him. Isnt it funny that T is in one room and me in another, but we are both doing the same thing. Maybe I can skype her or IM her. Nah.  (Before you start reading this part go down to the bottom of the page and click on the song "My Little Girl by Tim McGraw"  Ok so my little C3 is going to be 3 in a couple weeks, the 27th to be exact. Events that have been taking place lately have me going through a wide range of emotions. From happy, sad, mad, laughing and confusion. It seems like instead of 3 it seems like 13. I am getting the "My room daddy" and the "No boy's allowed" and then I try to get into the bathroom to help her and I get the " NO DADDY, GET OUT DADDY" verbal slap in the face.  Now T and I have our best friends BM & LM who have TM (stay with me people) and she is at the age where I can she the phrase's getting used by her, but my C3 is still my baby. We also have a neice MM who I can only imagine what she says to her mom, dad and sister.  So while I realize that my C3 is still so little and innocent and might not understand what she is doing to me, I am keeping all of this in my back pocket for a day when some boy knocks on my door and ask for her and I am going to say "NO boys allowed or get out"  I know this is crazy to think like this but she is my baby and will always be my baby. I will always be here and trust me I can't wait for her to NEED me. Love you lots C3.


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