Monday, December 21, 2009

All I want for Christmas are a few more SLINGS

Ok so I guess all of these are not considered to be slings but they are all the same to me. Sling, Carrier, Rider, Tag Along, whatever. On the picture on the left are T's slings the tan one hardly gets used the red one has been getting alot of attention and the fancy colored one on top is her new one she got today. On the right is a carrier in a box that she says she never even uses and it was given to her and the other is a ERGO carrier. Now I am not complaining that she got these things because of money, in fact T is a coupon clippin' fool. I call her the Coupon Queen. She calls herself cheap and I call her smart. The thing that gets me is we have 5 not 2, but  5, oh and get this we only have 4 C's. Who else is she gonna carry, someone else kid just cause she can?  Now I might get some verbal bashing by you moms and wives and go ahead have your fun with This Daddy (not that way ladies, I am happy) but why do we does she need all of these? I could be the typical man and say the red one is for girls and C4 is all boy, but that still leaves 4 of them. I could say the one in the box that NEVER gets used and that still leaves 3. Getting closer. So we have 1 carrier and 2 slings. Ok I can see now because C3 can still be riding along with me and C4 can ride with 2 and she can have her choice of either a tan sling or a new multicolor one.  One blogger ( today was kind enough to take T's side and say that she needed different ones to match outfits. To that I say thanks and never ever tell my T that or I will be talking to your husband about football every Sunday for life. So for the love of all mankind HONEY can we please do something with at least the carrier in the box. Hey how about a give away yeah that sound good, like anyone that asks yeah give it away, sure here you go!!! Well I can't give any of her stuff away and now at least she has options. Many options. As always I love you T.


Tracy December 22, 2009 at 10:22 AM   Reply to

Let me remind you of your eight million hats you have my dear. :)

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