Thursday, December 3, 2009

All you need is love

So I am writing my second post tonight while I lay in bed with T and C 4 and I have been sitting here looking at this laptop trying to figure out what to type and then Tracy starts laughing at me, and asks "Is that all you have done?"  Well I am still new to this so it is taking me some time to get this blogging thing down. Ok so I wanted to do this blog and all I have been able to do is get T to do everything for me since I seem to have a million questions about it. How do you do this and how do you do that? She says  she wasn't annoyed with me but as all dads know if your wife is a stay at home mom and takes care of multiple kids, then she probably was annoyed.
So while T and the 4 C's hung at home on a cold and wet day, I was at work slaving over a desk and phone. I get home to find Tracy on the phone going over Christmas cards with Laura, I thought would a guy do this? NO! So I am carrying C 4 and getting the kids a healthy night time snack and C2 starts flipping out because I cut his red apple a little to much. UGH. Seriously! Yes people a cut apple. Oh, it gets better from there. On to the nightly duty of teeth brushing and C3 is finished and C2 is on the stand and C1 is playing with a ornament that was a mini bear and the bear decides to play hide and seek behind the toilet seat. Again..... Seriously, yes. Storytime tonight was pretty relaxed and I read 2 books to the 4 C's. So I decide it is time to go for a jog tonight in the frozen darkness of the mean streets of Victoria Place. Lasted all of about a half mile. T and I had fun tonight watching Survivor and the it made us both hungry so I made a late night snack of chicken tenders and tater tots w/ cheese. SO GOOD! No struggle tonight with my sleeping princess and the pull up routine..which is ending this weekend. Yes honey it is ending this weekend. As I wind down tonight's post I am pondering these thought in my head "Why did I play T.O. for T tonight in the fantasy football league as she needs a win to get close to the playoffs?", also "Thank heavens there was no Tiger Woods conversation tonight?"  And last but not by far the least  "What time will C3 end up in our bed?" 
As I watch and listen to SC, I realize that I am a very lucky man. I have a great wife and 4 awesome C's. I close with this....No matter how crazy, stressful and tiring my day might be as the Beatles once sang "All you need is love"


Tracy December 4, 2009 at 8:48 AM   Reply to

Did your great wife not fix you dinner?

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