Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are Women tougher than Men?

Yes guys the answer is yes! Women are tougher than Men, alot tougher. Let's even leave the pushing a baby part out of the argument  conversation. I am referring to my latest battle which I am not even over yet. I am talking about being sick with the Whine Flu. I have been sick since Sunday and really hope I get over it soon because I don't want to get any of the C's or T sick. So while I am being a big baby and not helping T out at all the past few days, I am left here to think about why women are tougher than men.  Well see guys I know there are lots of things that we can do that make us tough. We build things (I can't), we fix things(I break), we do plumbing (I will be doing the kids toilet this weekend-I will need help), we repair cars (I can hardly drive), we hunt (something I have never done-but want to).  My point is this, guys while we do all these things, once we get sick we turn into the biggest babies. (I wanted to say another word that starts with a P)  We want to lay around and not do anything and be catered to. Basically we become another child.  Now take our wives into consideration, they do alot of things to make them tough and remember to leave the delivering a baby part out.  What do our wives do when they get sick?.......They do EVERYTHING. They never miss a beat, taking care of the kids, house us men and still manage to cook us a dinner. Women don't know how to slow down and rest and the reason is that they don't have time. T does it all, breakfast, lunch and dinner and mix in a little homeschool, breast feeding, laundry and did I mention everything else!!!! So fella's I know  you may not agree but when it comes to this I think the women have us beat. Ladies remember this.......Guys need you all to take care of us and make us better. 


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