Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Athlete's are not Role Models

With the events of the past week or so involving Tiger Woods I find the need to write about it. Anyone that knows This Daddy knows that I am a sports freak. I love sports, most all sports and know alot about most sports. I follow alot of athletes and teams and have my favorites in each general area. This is such a hard topic to write about because I can go in any direction but I guess i will start with this. There is a stigma out in the sports world that alot pro athletes are cheaters. They are on the road alot and always traveling and being approached by many women. Some women have nothing but bad intentions and the guys are not smart or decent enough to say "Sorry, not me."  Tiger Woods cheated on his wife and maybe more than once. Big deal, he is not the only one that has done it. Does it make him a bad person? No, it just makes him cheater. ARod took steroids, does that make him a bad person? No just a cheater. As parents it is our job, duty, responsibility and pleasure to be ROLE MODELS to our kids. Don't push that off onto the athletes. Parents need to teach, guide, and educate their children to be successful in what they do.
Is Tiger Woods a ROLE MODEL because he can drive a golfball 350 yards?
Is Terrell Owens a ROLE MODEL because he can score a touchdown?
ARod, is he a ROLE MODEL because he hits home runs?
My point is that these people should be SPORTS MODELS not ROLE MODELS. Play like Tiger, T.O., AROD and the many others.
One of my favorite basketball players today is a cheater! He cheated on his wife and was accused of rape. Kobe Bryant. Now would I ever tell any of my C's to be like Kobe the person? Hell No! If my C's played basketball would I tell them to play like him? Hell Yes! C2 loves soccer, I am not going to tell him to live is life like David Beckham, but I would sure tell him to play soccer like him.  If parents don't know the difference between playing like someone and being like someone then open your eyes and look into the future and wonder if you want to be sitting at home reading about your child and something they did wrong. Tiger Woods got caught cheating and then wrecked his SUV into a tree and fire hydrant. That makes him a dumba**. He is still a great golfer. ARod cheated in baseball, got clean and still played his a** off. For every athlete out there that does wrong, there is one that does right.  What are we suppose to tell our kids when we as fathers watch and idolize these players and tell our kids to look at them and say how great they are? Well how about tell them how great they are.....AT THE SPORT THEY PARTICIPATE IN! 
***Tarnished Sports figures-Kobe Bryant (cheater/accused rapist),  Tiger Woods (cheater), Leonard Little (DUI, vehicular homicide), just to name a few....but they were all still great at the sport they played.
***Respected Sports figures-Dewayne Wade (Wades World Foundation), Roger Federer (Roger Federer Foundation), Lance Armstrong (LiveStrong Foundation).

Look at one of the best football players in the game today. Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald, who went to the University of Pittsburgh but didnt finish school after being drafted early by the NFL.  Well, after establishing himself in the sport he went back to school to finish the promise he made to his mom to finish school. 
   Larry has done a great thing and so can you.

My point is that being in the public eye no matter for what reason gives the public reasons to hammer you when you do wrong, but it should also shine a bright light on the ones that do good.
Man, like I said I could go on and on about this for hours but I am going to leave it with this

T and I are the 4 C's Role Models. That is that.


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