Sunday, December 27, 2009

C1's New Grill

I was hanging on by a thread, I used to be a part of him, I used to live in close quarters, I was very white, I was cleaned twice a day, Know what I am? C1's tooth. I fell out at the mall on Saturday in the dollar store while C1's mommy was shopping. I lost my partner in crime (you know destroying food) a while back and ever since then I have been kind of alone up on top here. You know the old saying "It's lonely at the top" It might be hard for you to understand what I am saying but it is hard to do my job by myself, so I decided it would be best for both me and my owner C1 if I just broke loose and gave him the room for the big boys to come in. And then it happened, next thing I know I am lying on some dirty floor, and it was off to tooth heaven.  Well as C1's dad I was excited for him to lose his other top front tooth, but he wasn't so happy about it. The stuff like blood and seeing it fall out and all that kind of stuff dosn't bother him but the fact that it was now going to be harder for him to eat was a concern for him. No top front teeth at all and C1 is smart enough to know that it was going to be a problem and I hated seeing the look of disapointment in his face. He really didn't even care that he would be getting a visit that night by the Tooth Fairy. All he cared about was that he couldn't go on about his same everyday business. Now as a dad I felt so bad for him. But as long as he knows that his big boy teeth are going to come in and he will have both at the top soon and he can eat all the stuff he loves to eat. And come to find out today that he has had a fever and really wasn't himself today and to add that along with trouble eating and you have a tired, stressed little guy. T gave him some meds and I will be wondering about him all night and all day at work on Monday. I love you C1 and feel better.


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