Saturday, December 12, 2009


Candy Cane Hunt 2009....While C4 snuggled up next to mommy and got to stay warm the other C's were freezing their butts off, ecspecially C3. It sure was a fun time though. First we arrived and the kids got to decorate cookies with frozen icing and sprinkles of all sorts. Next they got ready for the Candy Cane Hunt.  Then they got into their certain age groups and waited patiently until they were told to start hunting. Just a side note---kids really seem to stand still and wait patiently when they are frozen solid. OK hunter's GO, and they were off. C1 and C2 were running after Candy Canes like adults chase after deals on Black Friday. I stuck around C3 as she frozenly walked around and picked up Candy Canes.  After the C's were done we went inside the rec. center and listened to some kids sing Christmas Carols. While we were in listening to the kids sing, I gathered up some milk for them which C2 and C3 proceeded to spill all over the place and get ready for this...wait for it....wait for it...T, yes T had a cup of coffee. She was so cold that she asked me to fix her a cup of coffee. I missed the picture of that because one can never guess when and if that will ever happen again. The C's had a great time and collected lots of Candy Canes.  

C3 was the only one that wanted to get her picture taken with the Jolly Ol' Fat Fellow aka Santa.


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