Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Product Reviews

So you know people are alway curious about what others get for gifts at Christmas time. I feel it is my job to tell you about a few of my favorite gifts and tell you a little bit about them and review them, just in case you decide to try them yourself.

Wii Fit.  I have used this the past 3 night and have run 1.5 miles each night along with doing some other exercises. Usually I go outside and run 1 mile but the weather is nasty, wet and cold and this is also fun. The machine mocks me, basically calling me a fat ass. But it make me work and has alot to offer. I say a good buy and fun for the whole family.

Hanes Boxer Briefs.  Man I have worn boxer briefs for years and I love these. T and the kids got me some of these and I actually wore the ones to the left today and they felt so good. They held  everything in place just right. Soft with a nice elastic band to hug the hips. Guys get these if you dont wear them & you will love them and ladies if you  love your man & want him to have a great looking snug package, then these are for your man.

University of Texas Gear.  2 fitted hats and a long sleeve t-shirt. I love these so much and these are going to get alot of use, mostly game day and night when UT takes on the Rolling Turds of Alabama in the BCS National Title Game. The shirt reads "It's not the size of the Horns in the fight, Its the size of the fight in the Horns"  Hell Yeah. Rock Em, Hook Em, and Cook Em. UT is going to Roll the Tide all the way back to Alabama. Burnt Orange such a beautiful color. Notice the matching hair bow of C3's on the hat to the right.  Now take your pointer finger and pinky and stick them up, then take you 2 middle fingers, bend them toward palm, place thumb over 2 bent fingers and raise it up high.


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