Sunday, December 20, 2009

Easy like Sunday

Well today was a nice and easy going Sunday. Something happened today that has not happened in a long time and I have not told T yet but I will before we go to sleep but I thank her so much for letting me watch the game today while she and the C's went shopping. Everyone knows I love the Atlanta Falcons and love to watch football but as a father and a husband I need to put that aside most of the time because I am only home 2 days a week. I got to watch the whole game and got to escape reality for a bit. I did do alot of cleaning while everyone was gone, laundry and other stuff and I hope that helped out some. The best part of the game was when T and the C's came home and I had C4 sitting on my lap and we got to see the Falcons win the game. The C's bought me a Texas Longhorn balloon today and I am going to keep it and get it refilled for the BCS National Title Game. T's mom (the C's Nana) came out to the house today to see the kids and bring us some stuff we got for the C's for Christmas. So the house got clean and the Falcons won and T got stuff done she needed to and that makes today a good day.  Dinner was a challange though because we ate later tonight and the C's we running on empty so that made it hard and my patience ran low but weut  did make it and they ate a good meal that T made us. Probably the most difficult thing I did today was stuff the hell out of these cloth diapers. I mean not only do you have to wash them, dry them and then to top it off you have to stuff them. Can the people that make these thing pre stuff them. Oh and yeah did I mention that t came home and brought up that you have to double stuff them. WTF are you kidding me. She did tell me that it was ok she would stuff them again, she is the best. As Christmas draws near C1, C2 and C3 we so excited to go to the $$$ Store to get the gifts for their friends CM and CM (I know it is almost as confusing as keeping up with our C's) for the gift exchange. T and the C's have a Christmas party tomorrow, man she is always so busy and I will never figure out how she manages to keep it all together.  My parents who live in Va. (the C's Nanny and PawPaw) sent us an email with pic's of the 15 or so inches of snow they got over the weekend. Man I would love to have even half of that here, the kids would love to go sledding and flying down our driveway on some home made snowboards. So as I sit in bed and get ready for so sleep I think about the day,  Falcons WIN, and I love it when certain teams lose, the Packers, Vikings being the main 2. There were alot of good games on today.  So I hope everyone has a good Holiday week.


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