Saturday, December 12, 2009

Extreme GingerBread Home Makeover

C1                                                                                           C2            

Tonight it was just This Daddy and the boys, well at least 2 of them. C1 & C2 got to stay home with me and have a boys night in while Mommy T and C3 & C4 went to the mall to make C3 a Build A Bear for her bday which is comming up soon. If I had a nice set of breast and could produce milk than C4 could have stayed home with us. So while the T is away the boys will play. Well kinda. This Daddy, C1 & C2 had a home renovation project in mind and we got started right away. The build and decorate a ginger Bread House, well at least decorate it, thankfully this one already came together. T and I have not had luck in the past building the houses from scratch or keeping the half built ones together. I seperated all the candy and counted it to make sure they had the same amount and gave them each their own bowls. I then put the mix in the bowl and added the water and got the mixer out. Ok at first I was thinking this is going to be a mess and I am going to freak out and get irritated and pissed. Man was I wrong. I mixed it and then poured some in a bowl for C1 & C2 and then I plastered the roof of the house with the tasty icing. The boys waited so patiently and as soon as i set the house on the table it began......The Fun that is. They has a great time and I alsohad so much fun watching them. So by now you might be asking yourself did I get any pictures? Sure I did. With my camcorder, since T took her camera to the mall I had to figure out how to get some shots. So when we were finished and cleaned up I tried t get the pic's of the camcorder and onto the computer...NOPE, didn't work. So I went into the room with the boys and watched some Christmas shows and got to hear them ask 5 million times "When is mommy, C3 & C4 gonna be home?" I mean This Daddy is the coolest thing around and all I kept hearing is "When is mommy comming home?"  So maybe I am not that cool after all or maybe just maybe I did marry the perfect woman and the she turned out to be the perfect mom. The boys also missed C3 & C4, they wanted so bad to see what kind of bear she built. I made C1 a sandwich and C2 said he wanted to wait for Mommy to come home. Well he waited and waited and waited somemore but he finally fell asleep and didn't get to eat. I thought maybe I should tie him down and force feed him but no, I think he was just very tired and filled up on milk. Mommy T and C3 and C4 finally made it home and C1 was so excited to see them back and C3 was so excited to show off her new bear named HUGS. T was wondering if I was going to fix her dinner and uh no I didn't so she had peanut butter and jelly. But I did do some laundry tonight and even put the clothes away. Shocker I know. So with all the kids now asleep and it being close to midnight I decided to give you all what you have been waiting for all day....No not that people I am married, get real...I am talking about my post, I know those out there that follow me now are hooked on This Daddys every word. Ok so maybe your not but lie to me and make me feel good. Guys do need that sometimes. I had a great time today and tonight with T and the 4 C's and hope tomorrow will be just as fun. So good night, I have to give my Sweet T either a foot rub or a back rub now so gotta go.


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