Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally back to normal???

You hear that? That is the sound of me breathing a sigh if relief. Are you askiing yourself why? I know you are, so let me tell you why. I get home from work and the C's are all about, C1 feeling a bit better but still has a fever, but he did eat some today so that makes me feel better, C2 was coloring pictures and C3 was running around the house with socks on and sliding everywhere. C4, the little man was just sitting around on the floor watching mommy T fold some clothes. Snack came and went with no issues, but after that things were about to change. For some reason C3  LOVES to change clothes multiple times during the day. The problem is when she does this she leaves her clothes all over the place in her room. So I found her in her room changing and I asked why (ok I am a dumbass, asking my newly crowned 3 yr old why is she changing clothes) and she says "I pee'd in my panties" ok and I ask where are they, oh daddy they are right here as she throws them at my face and I gave her the warning to place them in the laundry or time-out, lets say she went to time-out.  Next came the screaming serenade of her crying that she didn't want to brush her teeth and the yells of "MOMMY" from her room got louder and louder until she calmed down and brushed.  That is the normalcy is love about my house. We had a nice story time and then the C's went to bed.  I am starting to get a little f-ing jealous of not being the "Wanted tucker inner". Mommy T is the "Wanted tucker inner"  Fine whatever babe you can be the "Tucker Inner"  but I am the "Story Time Reader" Got it!!!!


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