Sunday, December 13, 2009

Foggy Sunday

We here at the home of This Daddy, T and the 4 C's seemed to be in a fog today, no seriously it was foggy outside all day long, but that is not where I was going with this. From the get go this morning we were so out of sorts. Woke up late, which meant kids were eating breakfast late which I missed because I felt like I had the swine flu this morning. Ok so more like the whine flu since I am always a big baby whenever I don't feel good and I felt crappy this morning, and so did C2,  he came back to be with me and rested for a while and I finally got up about 11:30.  I was able to compose myself enough to help T with some laundry and some cleaning while she and C1 got his school stuff ready for the week. Even though I took the whole morning off today she let me relax and watch the Falcons-Saints game while the C's helped me shred some old bills. They had fun doing that.  C2 had a rough day later in the afternoon as he didn't feel good at all and seemed to be in alot of pain but with a bath and Mommy's care he seemed to feel better by dinner time. T then had the kids help her wrap some presents and then it was my turn to do the same. They really enjoyed that and drove us both crazy while we did it, but isn't that part of the fun?  Mommy did a great job tonight reading the Shoe Maker and the Elves and the kids listened and liked it. So finally after getting a dead fish out of the tank and getting C4 to sleep.......ok so I didn't do the 2nd thing but I was right here in bed while T got him to sleep so that counts a little bit...but anyways I am now sitting in bed watching the football game hoping I win because if I do than T makes it into the playoff's for the 2nd year in a row.  So ladies and gentlemen remember there are only how many shopping days left to christmas? Ask T she knows, she reminds me daily and I can never remember.And while my fat lazy arse didn't get out and run at all this weekend I am sitting here thinking about eating some cookies....nah nevermind...God don't I sound like a woman...Shut up T and LM, I know you are both saying yes. And with that I am going to try and get my wonderful wife to come to bed and rub my back......check back tomorrow to see if that happened. Odds are not in my favor.


Tracy December 13, 2009 at 10:26 PM   Reply to

Honey its 11:15 and you are snoring so loud I don't want to come to bed. :)

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