Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give me the LVJ of the Week Award

It is Tuesday but this post is covering Monday and the overnight. So I was a BIG A**HOLE to T last night when I got home from work for no reason at all. I earn the LVJ-Least Valueable Jerk Award and it is only Monday night. I get home feeling sick (NO EXCUSE) and I am no help to her at all. Didn't clean a thing, didn't do a thing to help with the kids and to top it off I acted like the BIGGEST LVJ around. I am sorry to you babe for that because you do nothing but take care of us all and never complain and never slow down when you are sick (You are the energizer mommy) and I was nasty to you last night and I am sorry. I love you and will think before my actions next time. Still not feeling well today, but that doesn't compare to how my little C2 is feeling. He woke up around 3 am and came to our room and then went running for the kitchen where he got sick and had a high fever. T gave him some stuff to help and then he had some water and came back to our bed to finally go to sleep and I think T had said he felt cooler in the morning around 5 or 6 am. I hope she got to sleep in a little bit today. Yeah right 4 C's doubt it but maybe.  Before she came to bed last night she added some great photos to her blog page and wrapped some gifts for the C's who are ready to see some gifts under the tree. I had 2 can of chicken soup last night and I swear it tasted like it was the best in the world and on a night when I was sick T had to go and make her chili. I love her chili and couldn't even eat any. I was pissed. We layed in bed for a bit and talked about who the bigger losers were Tiger Woods or the women who he was with. I fell asleep sometime while she was on her blog and then she came to bed and hopefully got some rest before the C2 deal happened. I love you honey T and hope I feel better later so I can give you the foot/back rub you deserve.


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