Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hair today Hair tomorrow

Let's just say today was an interesting day in my world of blogging. It got started when T  IMed me about a story involving a little boy who got suspended from school because his hair was to long and the school district rules say the it has to be groomed to a certain length. So those of you that know T and This Daddy or those of you that read any of our posts today know that we think this is so stupid that the school is making this boy stay out of school because of his hair. We both understand the rules are set in place to be followed but really come on, making a rule that says a boys hair determines whether or not he can be in school. Man I went at people all day over this thing, even to the point of going out of character and calling a woman pig headed over her opinion. Oh boy, that didn't sit well with T, she let me have it and I made an apology to the woman on a post but I am sticking to my guns and I cant go over everything again. Look at my boys and tell me from looking at them and their hair that they would be a distraction. I get really pissed about things involving my kids but I really need to not get that way about this because it is so out of line for people to judge someone by the exterior. I have a hard time growing up even though I am almost 40 and a hard working father/husband. I always tell people that I would only go to jail over 2 things and that is my wife and my kids. I need to be man enough to know that people have their own opinions about topics such as this, and not to get so angry and stirred up about others opinions.  So after a day of writing posts and pissing people off I have thought about it long and hard and I am going to refuse to let myself be bothered by others. I love that fact that I can let my boys be who they want to be even at a young age and not have to walk in the path someone has already made. C1, C2 and I am sure later down the road C4 you all are great boys and if and when people decide to pass judgement on you for your looks they will be missing out because they will never get to know who great you are. I love you guys and your long hair.


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