Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hear that? If not I am surprised

Ok I know another post.  This one is my nightly recap of the events of the C's, T and This Daddy.  I am on my way home from work and I make my nightly call home as I drive and I hear the very loud sound of a.....Whistle!!! Yes a whistle. T took the kids to a Christmas party hosted today by the Natural Mothering group or I might call them the Natural Mothering Mafia. Do it their way or the highway. Natural Mothering, o-k that is post for a different time, T might get her Mafia Mothers after me. Back to the main point, the kids recieved these goody bags and one of the mothers who probably has a degree in parenting gave the kids whistles!!! Why on earth give kids whistles, oh yeah because they are not going home with YOU!   I am on the phone and I hear whistle after whistle and I am wondering what sporting event is taking place at my home?  Fast forward........I get home and I hear T going off about the silly putty and where is it and why is it in here and on here, only to show me that C1 has his jeans in the freezer because he sat on the putty. Then the crossing guard C3 goes by me blowing the whistle and screaming and yelling something. T told me to leave her alone and dont bother her as I tried to give her the "Honey Im home back rub".  "Dont touch me" I was laughing and she didn't think I was too funny. C2 was in the other room looking at Toy Story stuff and C1 was eating his snack and I was holding C4. Teeth got brushed tonight with NO drama, NONE at all. So Sa-Weet when that happens. I read the C's and T a Christmas book and we discussed different things about the book and what would the kids like to give other children that didn't get gifts. C1 says he wants to get something from the $ store and C2 says NOTHING, usual response from him and C3 says Strawberry Shortcake stuff. C4 I think was pointing to his main source of food, but I don;t think T want's to hand that out.  Now the great time of the night- T and I get to watch Nancy Grace (hang me now) and she is discussing......Yeah you got it Tiger and his flock of women he has slept with. T is letting me have it, since my boy has cheated on his wife, multiple times. I get so much grief for having a athlete crush on Tiger that it is like I knew he was doing this. Funny, guys are all jerks for cheating but when the woman cheats it is still us guys fault because we must have drove them to it. Yeah.  T actually takes it easy on me considering that I have athlete crushes on Kobe and Tiger and Charles Barkley, 3 know cheaters. Pattern there? Now she it torturing me with the Duggers (dont care if it is spelled right or wrong) but I make her watch alot of crap she doesn't want to. Guess we are even. She keeps talking to me aobut the show and I am typing this as she talks and I just look and laugh. Well it has been a full night so amybe tomorrow will be just as fun.


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