Monday, December 21, 2009

It's better to Give than to Receive

This is actually the first year that T may not have to return any gifts after Christmas. Every year I try to get her something that I know, think she will like, enjoy or be proud of. NEVER works. I get so mad at her every year because I feel she doesn't appreciate my efforts to make her gift GETTING a pleasant one. So keep in mind that I have a great wife, not high , very easy  maintenance  to please, never wants anything for anything, and can go without the glamour. So I always know this and always try to go above and beyond to see her face light up on Christmas Day. Every year on Christmas Day I give her the gifts actually with the C's name on them (thinking that might make a difference) and as soon as she goes into the return pile. I get a look from her that says "You really bought this and why?" I then get so pissed and swear that I am never buying another gift for her EVER. She say's every year "Are you ever gonna learn?" Well this year after being together for 10 Christmas' I FINALLY GOT IT.  This year she is getting to buy her own stuff and then the C's and I wrap the stuff up. The reason I wrote this quick little post is because I wrote last night about  how thankful I was to T that she let me watch the Falcons game yesterday. So she is going to sleep and I lean over to her and say "Hey I really appreciate you letting me watch the game today" and her reply was "No thank you for letting me buy my own Christmas gifts this year"  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. After hearing that statement I heard the sounds of Queens We are the Champions playing like it was comming from Angels above. I have finally figured it out. See it only take 10 years to train us husbands to get it right. I know on Christmas day when she opens her gifts she is going to be so happy. (get the music ready) I am the Champion my friends, I am the Champion my friends......Yes I am !!!!!


Big City Dad December 21, 2009 at 3:02 PM   Reply to

Funny. Great job pal. We're slow learners, right? Two words that may help you next year: Gift Cards. To all her favorite stores. Not romantic, but very effective. Then she gets the pleasure of picking out her own gifts on a day where you agree to let her go shopping while you watch all the kids. Kind of like a two for one! Give it a shot. Merry Christmas.

Heather December 23, 2009 at 2:46 PM   Reply to

I second the gift cards. How about a Visa gift card so she can spend it ANYWHERE. Or letting her pick out her presents was a good idea too.

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