Thursday, December 10, 2009

Living in a Material World

So with Christmas comming up right around the corner and T reminding me that we only have so many shopping days left until Christmas, I thought I would get in touch with my parental lesson teaching side of things. Ok not sure if that made any sense at all but whatever, you know what I mean. In the past T and I have always bought the C's everything that they said they wanted for the most part, which meant they got way too much for Christmas. Now I know that is not the true meaning of Christmas and it is better to give than to recieve but we are dealing with chrilden ages 6, 4, 3 and a 6 month old. So for now the true meaning of Christmas is out the window. This year being a year of lost wages and tougher times and so on and so on, T and I decided that it was going to be a tighter Christmas this year. We limited each C this year on stuff. Now they still will be very happy at what Santa is bringing through the doggy door so everyone can relax, I know you were worried about us. T and I have been trying to teach the C's that there are kids out there that dont have anything at all, so they need to treasure everything they have. This year I am going to try to get the C's to understand that a better gift that gives everyday is the gift of our family. I wan't them to know that as long as they have each other to play with, read with, learn with, fight with, eat with and share with then they have everything they could ever possibly have. Having brothers and a sister they should all realize that they need to stick together. Don't get me wrong I would love to wake up on Christmas and have a nice big Tv, and stereo, and stuff for outside and this and that but lately stuff has happened in my life that has made me re-think how I want to live my life. I want to be remembered as a caring, giving, friendly, funny, great father, devoted husband and good person. What good is it to have all these material items and not being able to enjoy them. I would rather have T and the 4C's than anything I can buy or recieve. And as long as I have T around to teach me how to be a better person than I will be ok. That is how it goes in my own little world, T teaches me, I teach the C's, which really means T is teaching everyone. Now I know this is going to be a hard lesson for us to teach our C's but we have plenty of time and as long as we are trying then we will be ok.


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