Monday, December 21, 2009

Magic of Christmas

We are getting closer to the magical day for our children. The days go by faster and our children grow more eager to tear into those gifts under the tree and re-visit the list to Santa one more time. Santa is not the only one who checks the list twice. Each night when I get home from work one of my joys is to grab the Christmas Box and let the C's open up the days door. They take turns going first and they grab their piece of chocolate and suck it down. Each night they count the number of days they have left and the faces of my C's grow more excited.  With each year that passes I cant help but think when will the magic end for them and as soon as that thought enters my head, I am reminded of a great Christmas movie that my C's love and probably know by heart. Can you guess it before I mention it? (I smell a baby carrier give away-Just kidding honey-oh it is C4 though his diaper-whoa) Ok back where I was. This movie tells a tale of the Christmas spirit loved, lost, and refound (is that a word?) A boy who finds that he can one again believe in Santa and Christmas if he stops doubting. Figure it out yet?  The Polar Express. I think this is my new favorite Christmas movie because it show at the end the bell still rings for him even though all the time has passed. All you have to do is believe and I think that for us parents as long as we can see the magic in our childrens eyes we can still BELIEVE. So if you have not seen the movie I suggest you do and you too will feel the magic of Christmas all over again. As for my 4 C's I will never let the magic go away.


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