Monday, December 28, 2009

Manic Monday

Well today was a back to work Monday and thank heaven for 7-11, what does that have to do with anything? NOTHING!!! It rhymed that's about it. I was so glad to get home tonight back to my T and the     4 C's, even though she was happy for me to go back to work. If there is anything T hates,  it is having the C's off schedule and holidays do that. So let's just say the wife was ready to get back to full time mommy mode and get me outta here. C1 is still feeling under the weather and has a fever. Now any parent feels bad when the kids are sick, and I get a bad feeling in my stomach when the kids are sick and I am at work and can't do a thing about it. Now I don't know if anyone feel like this but I feel bad in different ways depending on which kid is sick. Our kids don't get sick alot (T says it is breastfeeding and who am I to argue) but when they do it is pretty obvious.....except for C1. He is a real trooper, he tries to fight through it and not tell us, we have to look for signs and watch him. We didn't know he was feeling bad Sunday until he just looked out of it and tired and we felt him and he was burning up.....never said a word to us about feeling bad. So gd mfer, he is still feeling rough today. I was so ready to leave work tonight so I could maybe stop and get something for C1 to help get him better, he wanted a frosty and some nuggets and normally we do a great job of the kids eating healthy but that is what he wanted and I was gonna stop for him. I got frosty's for all the C's (well not C4-he can have frosty ninny juice) and nuggets too. C3 liked to dip her nuggets in the frosty and C1 and C2 just had the frosty's.  Got all the teeth brushed and kids into C1& C2's room for storytime tonight which was "I Love You Sleepyhead" a telling tale of animals and how they go to sleep. Not on the best sellers list but the kids liked it......all but C1, he was already out in his bed....tired, drained, still hot and I am still hating it...kinda getting teared up thinking about him feeling like this, he is just so drained...that is the best way I can put it. I am done with that, need to think happy thoughts.
Hey here is a happy, funny thought. (as T would agree)  So I got the Wii Fit for Christmas and decided tonight would be the first night of my working out with it. Let me just say to the people of Wii, you programming people are liars, it said I was 3 years younger than I really am, and I felt 10 years older when doing this thing. I have been running 1 mile outside in the cold but I ran in place for 10 minutes which turned out to be 1.4 miles and that seemed to be alot harder. I did some hula hoop, boxing, push ups and some other shit that wore me out for 30 minutes. Ohhhhh T, can you come rub me tonight, lets see what she says....she gave me a look and said "you rub me" Can't I even get a rub down?


Heather December 29, 2009 at 9:14 AM   Reply to

We bought the Wii Fit last year. It will kick your hiney the first few times you use it. I have heard that the Wii Fit Plus is more of a challenge. I might get that.

So sorry that C1 is feeling bad. My youngest had the flu the week before Christmas and that was not fun!

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