Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Music Playlist

I thought I would give everyone a little insight to my choices that are on the playlist. If you have your volume up and hear the songs you will notice I have a wide range of style. That is right I have style. I know T is laughing because she knows the truth.
1. You've Got a Friend in Me - A simple choice because all of the C's love the Toy Story movies and I love it when they sing this song.
2. My Little Girl - A song that I picture being about myself and my little princess C3.
3. My Hero - Just because the Foo Fighters are awesome.
4. Right Now - I love this song because it reminds me daily to live in the moment and the not to take anything for granted, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
5. Don't Blink - Makes me think that if you try to get by in life too fast you might miss something. For me I don't want to miss my kids growing up.
6. She's Got a Way - Just one song that reminds me of my T and the ways about her and the reasons I love her
7. Summer of 69 - This is the first song that T and I danced to when we met in PCB 10 years ago. We were tearing it up at Harpoon Harry's.
8. She's Everything - This is another song that makes me think of the love of my life T and how she is everything to me.
9. Life is a Highway - This song is another one that the kids love from The Cars movie. Everytime they hear it they know where it came from.

Well I hope you enjoyed my reason for my song choices. I could really pick a mile long list of songs that make me think of T and the 4C's but I know you all have better things to do. Ok so no you don't but it is getting late and I have better things to do like sleep.


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