Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the Go Day

Well we did alot today and it started very early. T an I got the kids up and going so we could start the day that was full of fun.  By the way let me mention that is was a cool...oh say about 35 degrees when we left the house.  First we hit Home Depot with friends and their kids and we built a wooden wagon which the the older C's loved. C4 just hung out while we built. For the record he actually was hanging out on T hip in the baby sling.  After that we went to Lowes with the same friends and their kids. The C's got to build wooden gingerbread houses with a halfway retractable roof. It was a pretty cool project, so cool that it only took me 3 time to build C1's because his roof would not open at first.  Had to get it right!  So with a wagon and a house (put them together and you have a mobile home) in hand we headed to the mall (again with all of the same friends) for a nice little story time reading of The Grinch.  The kids were cute raising their hands and yelling out the answer at the same time. The M's (BM & LM) gave us a nice little laugh today as they showed a cup full of excitement over their daughters (TM) new black and pink Nike Shox. I actually liked the shoes, and hope she takes good care of them so she can pass them to C3 in 10 or so years.  C1 spent his $1 he got from the HOT Tooth Fairy on  the mini toy vending machine and was so happy he recieved a Woody. (Remember this a family blog) Woody from Toy Story.  Then after a few more stops in the mall T and I decided we needed to renew our search for new household phones. NOT FUN!!!!  This part of the day did not go well. Imagine trying to find the perfect phone to please your wife....THERE ARE NONE!  It has to have DND (do not disturb) so she can't be bothered and has to hang on the wall at the proper angle and can not be white and this and that....did I already say that this was not fun!  Best Buy, HH Gregg, Sams, back to HH Gregg and finally she finds one she likes so we buy. Get home and it dosn't come with the wall mount piece. At this point I am ready to mount this thing on the good side of a hammer. It is getting returned. End of story.  A little laundry, some cleaning and so football then it is time to go outside and begin the horror of putting Christmas lights up. Remember I said it was like 30 degrees outside today. I will post more tomorrow on the decor when I finish.
Now on to the best part of the night which didn't start out so good.  Watching the beginning of the Texas vs. Nebraska game, I yelled just a tad too loud and scared my little C4 who I was holding and he started screaming and crying. Tears were dropping like Kayne's popularity numbers after he pissed of Taylor Swift.  The game was a nightmare, too close for comfort and UT finally pulled it off with a field goal at the end with only :01 left on the clock. On to the National Championship game against Alabama in January.
So as I sit in a familiar place at 1 am on Sunday morning (bed) I am left with these thoughts......I hate shopping for phones, putting up lights in the cold sucks, TM has some sweet new shoes, don't scream at the tv while watching football and holding your 6 month old, and don't stress about UT games, they are going to play for the title for a reason...they are that good! Should I wake up T and ask her if she wants to have some quality time with me....nah..I value my life...Good night


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