Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolution #2 of 5 for 2010

Resolution #1  Be a better Father

Next is:

Resolution #2  Be a better Husband.  I really need to work on this one also. It is pretty bad when T is ready for me to go back to work and is dreading the next 3 day weekend. The same lack of patience and not being able to keep my temper in check is the reason T and I argue alot. I seem to often forget that she is home all day long with the 4 C's and she never gets a break or a chance to relax. I also need be more respectful of her and not joke and play and act like another childshe has to take care of. I am forever the class clown but I tend to take it a bit to far. I also make jokes and comments around friends and that is very disrespectful towards her as well, and I am always all over her, and I love my wifes (add old school Sir Mix Alot song here) but I need to keep my hands to myself when the kids are around and I just need to realize that she has children hanging on her all day long and probably would like me to not hang on her when I get home. Also T thinks I hate women just because I can't stand Oprah and Martha and Lifetime is a guy bashing channel, but I love women, I like Diane Sawyer, the old souther lady who cooks, name is escaping me right now. But if I can do a better job this upcoming year of respecting my wife and not being such an asshole to her all the time I think we will have a happier marriage and maybe she will enjoy having me home on the long weekends.


Heather December 29, 2009 at 2:31 PM   Reply to

Okay not that I think being an a-hole is funny but for some reason I thought this post was funny. I guess being a mom and wife, it is nice to see that a man "gets" it. We (I mean me) don't like to be hung on like we are a jungle gym all the time. Your wife must have a great man to make this kind of resoulution!

The old southern lady is Paula Dean and that lady can cook!

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