Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolution #3 of 5 for 2010

Resolution #1 Be a better Father
Resolution #2 Be a better Husband

Next is:

Resolution #3  Be Happy and Positive.  This is one I really need to work on. Being happy and staying positive have ripple effects on T and the 4 C's. If I am happy, they are happy, if I am positive, so are they. When I am in a foul mood and negative then it all goes down hill from there. Being happy and positive will also help keep my stress level down and that will also be a good thing around the house. T is the most positive person I know and she always tells me to be happy and reminds me that it could be worse and as long as we have each other and the kids we are fine and can get through anything......but I still turn into a negative P.O.S.  Alot of my negativity comes from my line of work and the actual place I work at. I am surrounded by people that are so negative and can never say anything nice and are always willing to kick you while you are down. The line of work also forces me to be an asshole during the day and I used to not be able to turn it off when I left. That forced me to go see some one and talk about these issues and it helped along with some medication. After a long time on this medication I decided that I didn't want to rely on this form of help and I just needed to do it for me, T and the 4 C's. So I am going to make a huge effort to change my attitude and be a much happier person and a positive person. In doing this I will become a better husband and father and that will help me along with Resolution #'s 1 & 2.  Look out honey and 4 C's we are about to board the ship called Operation HappyPositivitism.  Hold on gonna be a fun ride


Anonymous,  December 30, 2009 at 6:29 PM   Reply to

That is a great resolution! And, I'm so happy you are wanting to do it without drugs (because really isn't the happiness because of drugs just fake happiness?)

I used to be really bad about being negative in the face of all obstacles. Then I started letting things go and believing my hubby when he said that "everything will be okay". In hindsight, everything always is okay. Once I realized that, it was even easier to stay positive. We've had a lot of setbacks happen this year but, here we are; alive, happy, healthy and with two amazing kids. We survived it all and that helps stay positive that we'll get through other things.

There is a country song by Phil Vassar called "Another Day in Paradise" and I like to listen to it when I feel like all the mundane things that piss me off are getting to me. Because, like the song says, "There's no place I'd rather be!"

And, you know what would really piss off those negative people you work with? If they saw that they don't get to you and you can remain a postive beacon on light through their negative darkness. Misery loves company and the best way to deal with a negative person is to keep a smile on your face. The smile may be forced for a while but, eventually it becomes normal.

Sorry to write such a novel here! ;-)

Tim December 30, 2009 at 8:43 PM   Reply to

I really like your three resolutions so far. I'm planning on blogging about my resolution list next week. I'd never thought of doing it one resolution at a time. Great idea!

A few weeks ago I began a Men's Monday Meme, to get more guys involved in blogging (you've probably noticed that there aren't too many of us out there). On Monday I post a question of the week, and you have until the next Monday to link to the meme. This weeks question is about New Year's resolutions. I'd love it if you would stop by and post a link(s) to your resolutions so far. Go ahead and post three seperate links for each 3 resolutions. I don't mind. The URL to my meme is -

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