Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stone Cold Wet Mountain

So we decided to brave the wet, cold weather today and take the C's to Stone Mountain today. I missed most of the trip from the house to Stone Mountain because like I do most anytime I get in the Nascar Minivan (T is faster than #48) I seem to fall asleep. We got there and T found us a great front row spot to park. (this came in ver handy later in the day for me and evening for us)  So we got the C's who were layered about 2 or 3 times and put the hats, jackets, gloves on and I grabbed the stroller and what seemed like a hundred bags of stuff and we were on our way. So we go in and our first order of business was to go watch the Polar Express in 4D.  So we park the stroller and T has C4 in the snuggly wrap carrier thing and C1, C2, C3 and I are following her right along into the theater. I am a little aggravated right now since I am trying to cart around a backpack, camera bag and a drink bag. Then having to get in there with all of this and still managing to have to serve pizza out that we brought from home. Lets just say I can't handle anything without blowing up or stressing out. The C's loved the movie and then we got out and it was raining and our stroller was wet and we finally finished eating and I mad a run to the van to trade out items. The C's made Christmas list and got to put them in a big mailbox for Santa and C1 even made one for C4. Got to see a cute little singing show and then the Christmas Parade with the Snow Princess and Santa and his better half. You know I am sure even Santa has to bow down to the Mrs. By the time the Parade was over the C's were frozen and wet and tired and ready to go. C3 was the worst off, she was so miserable and she was crying so we were trying to rush the kids to the van and T being the concerned mommy wanted to stop inside somewhere warm and let her thaw for a minute or two and I just wanted to hurry them to the van. We lets just say T and I had our little Jon and Kate moment there and we know who won those don't we Kate fans!!!  Well it all ended well as we all got to the van and T and C3 and C4 warmed up while I took C1 and C2 to play in the ball barn. So on the way home now C4 decided to sing us Christmas tunes for almost all the way home (Crying and Screaming them, kinda out of tune. I have to say I know it didn't go as well as planned today but I think the kids had a good time and it will be a day for us all to remember. As always I love my T and the 4 C's.


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