Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday  was not a great day for This Daddy. I had some problems keeping my composure during the day and losing control and blowing off steam towards the C's and T.  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it was all downhill from there. Can't blame it on anyone of anything...well I could, but who am I fooling? No one. I was just a jerk to everyone today. Breakfast went good and then cleaning the kids up went good. Started laundry and cleaning the house while T and C4 went shopping and that was all fine. It started to get crazy around lunch time. I was ready to watch the Falcon's game against the Eagles and the return of the VICK.  Game stunk, Vick did not. It ust goes to show that if you lose your starting Qb and your starting Rb and half your OL that it is not going to go well. That being said, it just made matters worse and I took all my frustrations out on the family and that wasn't cool. So to T and the 4 C's I would like to say I am sorry for being such a A**Hole yesterday and I will continue to try and improve my attitude and manners and how I treat you guys.
On to some good things, T made some great dinner last night, Chili. It was very good. Then she made some hot chocolate for us and that was great also. After getting the kids in bed and reading them a story, T and I watched the season finale of The Amazing Race. I am happy to say that the team I picked at the beginning of the season won the race and a million dollars. Then we watched some sunday night football and watched some of our fantasy football players do well, well enought to give her a W and to give me the lead going into tonight's game. So her win might put her in the playoff hunt and I still have a player tonight and my buddy B the Seahawk has a player tonight. Good luck to me!  So to my awesome T and the 4 C's I promise you this, I am always a work in progress and I will continue to learn to be a better husband and daddy. Love you!


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