Saturday, December 12, 2009

Super Saturday (Hopefully)

Ok so here it is Saturday morning and I cant believe that I spent Friday night writing a post and then I didn't really seem to like it so I did the unthinkable (T called me a DumbA**) I deleted it the whole thing. Ok so T and I and the 4 C's are wide awake at 9 am and I fixed them 3 different things. C1 had peanut butter butter toast, C2 had pancakes, and C3 had Oatmeal (dogfood). I then fixed myself pancakes. I put a load of cloth diapers in the wash which seems to be something we are washing daily. T didn't want anything to eat because she had to change a diaper of C4's that was N-A-S-T-Y. I am allergic to those kind of diapers. So today we are going to a Candy Cane hunt in Villa Rica. Something funny goes along with that story. Yesterday T aksed me if I would rather go to the Candy Cane Hunt or go to the Zoo for a Santa Meet and Greet. My response as always is "Whatever you want to do babe" because she doesn't care what I say. I might say "Ithink it would be really fun to go to the Zoo" and we still go to the Candy Cane Hunt. I learned years ago that my opinion in matters involving the kids really don't matter anyways, cause T usually has everything planned out anyways. I don't mind it though, makes things easier. Just like I learned 3 C's ago that she doesn't even care what I wear anymore. Used to be "You are not going out like that or that is wrinkledor it doesn't match" No it is "wear whatever you want I have 4 C's to get ready" So I WON that battle.
So as we now start to get ready to go the Candy Cane Hunt my main goals for today are to:
1. Stay Patient, 2. Don't lose my temper, 3. Stay Positive, 4. Have Fun.
Later tonight we plan on building a Ginger Bread House and that is gonna be fun and messy and crazy but most of it will be fun. So hopefully I can make it through the day with no drama caused by myself. So This Daddy, T and the 4 C's are going to get ready to have a fun filled day. Guess you will find out later how the day went.


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