Friday, December 4, 2009

This Daddy and his MP3 Player

For all you daddy's (yes even you mommy's too) who have a Mp3 or any music playing device this might hit home. I recently started running again and I like to put the ol earphones in and get to jamming and rocking while I am out pounding the pavement. So last night I didn't have this problem because I set the playlist to some Jay-Z to help get me through the 30-40 degree night, but tonight was different.  I get to the top of the driveway and stretch and get to running. I pick a new Jay-Z song (Empire State of Mind w/ Alicia Keys) to get me pumped. I am running and all of a sudden I hit a button and the next thing I hear blasting in my ears not some rock, or country or any other rap or r& is the....THE WIGGLES....Yes, THE WIGGLES, talk about a buzz kill. No big deal hit the button again and another song will play.....another WIGGLES song, then some IMAGINATION MOVERS. Well those of you that know me, know my level of cordination, (so this was not easy) I look at the mp3 player while I run and see that the button I hit set the playlist to the kids music. The same music that I put on C1 and C2's mp3 players, found its way onto my player.


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