Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday's Tidbits

It has a nice little ring to it, Thursday's Tidbits. I think what I will start doing is on Thursday just go over different things that are in my head instead of writing about one or two things. T says I should do some button or whatever but I am still new at this blogging so I have no idea of what the hell she is talking about so I just said "yeah ok" and I am moving on. We are here watching Survivor while Camlin has a firm grip on T's boob. So on my first posting of Thursday's Tidbits I have some things to present to everyone.
Why does T think it is so easy for me to go to the bathroom and take C4 with me? It is not easy! T can do it, I can't. Reason #523 I love T.
Why is it so funny when C3 yells from the bathroom "I poo-poo DA-DAY" over and over till I show up?
Why are my C's watching a tv show where someone keeps saying the word "Stupid" and T and I don't like for the C's to use that word. Probably because we had no idea it was being said until C3 kept saying "They are saying SU-PED" over and over.
Why do women complain about having to shave their legs when guys like me who like to be groomed (back, chest, arms) have to set aside hours to get it all done?
Why is it so hard to teach boys how to pee inside the potty when I do the same thing everyday? Do they make over-sized potty's?
Why am I addicted to blogging now?
Why do people always seem to shift toward the villan? (Russell/Survivor)
Well people hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts tonight and if I get T to show me how to do a button or whatever then you will be able to post your Thursday's Tidbits


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