Monday, December 7, 2009

To Cloth or not to Cloth (Diaper that is)

The night of Novermber 22 was a cold and rainy night. The Falcons lost in OT to the NY Giants and that should have sparked something in my brain that this was going to be a bad night. Well actually it wasn't so bad. T, the 4C's and I took a trip down to Atlanta and a little gathering in the pavilions by the zoo. We were there to meet a family that T has been reading about and we thought it would be nice to go meet them in person.  I had no idea that this meet and greet would be a stepping stone for something much greater. So while we are there T starts talking to another woman who is named A and come to find out she has know A for years over some moms club thing on the internet (You know a site where women talk about how great their kids are and how much their husbands piss them off).  This is where is all begins. The talking, laughing, the catching up, haha this, haha that. The use of CLOTH DIAPERS!!!!! Who would have ever guessed that a 20 minute conversation inside T's minivan (with me standing outside in the cold rain) would result in something so life changing. So A decides to show T a cloth diaper (I can only imagine the eyes on T). So now T is so interested in cloth diapers. She is a natural mommy in every other aspect of parenting so why not this. Fast forward a week or so.....I get home and you will never guess what arrived in the mail today? The best thing ever...NO not a subscription to Playboy, ESPN, or something cool like that but.....CLOTH DIAPERS...Ok to be honest I was kinda excited about the new arrival and happy for T and the thought that she was doing a great thing for C4, that was until I decided to ask how much were they.  Not a smart move on my part. T told me and I asked for how many..She told me..."WTF..are you serious?" I was in shock. Then being the great wife and family accountant, she  started to remind me of how much we spend a week on diapers and how this would save us money and how it is all up front costs and after she gets more of them we wont ever have to buy anymore diapers again and how the cloth diapers grow with C4. Ok at this point I am still on the $$$$ thing. Ok so days go by and I am feeling a little better about the cloth diaper thing since T knows best, I roll with the program. More diapers come in and different styles and colors and fabrics and so on and so forth. Now my problem is that you wash them, no big deal I do alot of laundry, which is one of my many contributions to the family. Well I dont have MANY contributions but laundry is one of them. The problem comes when you have to dry them. OH MY (insert curse words) You have to dry them like a million times, seriously am I the only father out here that is drying cloth diapers? I spent all weekend drying cloth diapers and everytime I look around there is another cloth diaper ready to be washed. Ok no disrespect to A because from looking at her blog her husband would kick my A**, but I have been cursing her out over these damn cloth diapers ever since we got them. Now I am not a complete idiot (only partial) so I am sure I will come around on these but I am not a huge fan of these YET.  I didn't even mention that you have to stuff liners in the diapers. The liners look like womens cloth maxi pads. They are even in different patterns. Everytime I complain about these cloth diapers now T is asking me wouldn't you like to be laying in one with your stuff all nice and comfy and cozy. UH NO!  Bottom line is that T is the pro on being a mommy and she is a great one. She has done all the natural mothering with the other 3 C's so why not do this now. Her only regret is that she didn't do it sooner with the others.  So since T is really happy about the cloth diapers and seems to like them, I am happy for her, and if C4 likes them, then I am happy for him too. I guess I should thank A next time we see them since she made a believer out of T for the use of great cloth diapers.  And just like anything else that has ever come into question over what is best for the 4 C's, I will do like I always do and leave it T.  Mommy know best....Love you babe.


Anna December 10, 2009 at 3:07 PM   Reply to

I am cracking up, I love this post! I am sharing this on FB (or Fake Book as T calls it). I had no clue you blogged, and this was the first post I read, so funny, I can't wait to see more!

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