Friday, December 4, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Bloody

Today was a good day that has turned into a good night. One of the highlights was when I  got an IM (instant message) from T today telling me to call her. So at this point I am thinking what did I do wrong? I took the trash out, ok forgot to take the laundry downstairs but I was running so late this morning, that is a good excuse right guys? Right! This was a good call, T told me that C1 lost one of his top front teeth that had been hanging there for days. C1 was so excited that it had finally come out, but the massive amount of blood (ok massive amount is a huge overstatement) but it was enough blood to make the ever so tough C2 freak out and run for cover. This means another visit from the tooth fairy, who happens to be maybe one of the hottest children's heros out there today. Easter Bunny = cute, Santa = fun, Valentines = Cupid (man in diaper), so the Tooth Fairy = HOT. We will see what she leaves and update that tomorrow.
Some othe funny bits from tonight, lets see C3 decided to follow the direction of mommy and call THIS DADDY  a funny name which ends in potty (it rhymes people dont think to hard).  C2 cut his own red apple tonight for snack and that meant no drama. C4 slept though most of all this. Then C1 and C2 watched a Christmas movie while me and T handled some laundry.
Ok so now I am about to go for a run and my little princess C3 asks me if I am going this way and give a pointed finger to a certain direction of East, or am I going that way, points to the West. So being the quick speaking (before I think) daddy I am reply with "No baby, daddy goes both ways" Wha...Wha..wait ok that didn't come out right. T laughs and I put my mp3 player in the ears with the hat on I exit her room. HER room, yes I was informed by a soon to be 3 years old that "No boys, only girls allowed in my room" I will remember that for future referance. Teeth brushed with no problems, kids in bed with no drama and T and I in the bedroom (ok people, this is a rated g blog) and now T is asleep and I working on my new favorite thing to do.


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