Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve......Resolutions or things you should do anyways?

Well I didn't blog at all last week. Did you all miss me and my ramblings? 

It is New Years Eve.  I usually do a list of resolutions and give reasons for them but as I glanced back at last  years list I realized something.

I should be doing those things ALL THE TIME.

T has never been one for making resolutions and she feels the same way.  Why say your going to do something just because you are starting a new year? 

If you made a list of resolutions for 2011, go back and look at them.  Ask yourself if those are things you should be doing anyways? 

Do I want to lose weight and get fit? Yes, so why wait till the new year?

Do I want to eat healthy and be a greener and overall healthier person? Yes, so why have I waited?

Do I want to be a better daddy and learn how to be a better husband and man?  Yes, so why do I wait till a supposed life changing holiday to start doing it?

You know why?  So when I fail or don't live up to my own expectations I can always fall back on "Next Year"

I like New Years Eve though. Watching a partially alive Dick Clark talk to Ryan Seacrest who is getting to be know more for dating Juilanna Hough.  Watching Carson Daly (WHO? Has Been?) Watching people who will wake up in the morning feeling sick act like I did many years ago.

I plan on making changes.  I plan on making changes that are going to better my family and not just me.  Resolutions?  Maybe.  But different than the things I have talked about changing in the past.

I wish everyone a Happy New Years and hope my family, friends and fellow bloggers that I have gotten to know over the past year are safe and have great success in the next year. 

Sorry you guys had to be without me over the last week. I know you could hardly keep your life together with me not blogging for a week.  Don't worry Monday, I will be back. And you have this to look forward to......

I am going to list the blog that were my biggest influences in 2010.  Those who helped me in my blogging life and my personal life.  

And as for this post, this blog and you and the year 2010




Monday, December 27, 2010

My Princess is 4 today

There is a girl who makes my heart go pitter patter.  This girl has me wrapped around her finger.  She can be the biggest pain in my a$$ and she can be the one that gives me the biggest hugs.

She has no inside voice. She is a lot of time tougher than her brothers.  She has the curliest head of hair. Eyes as blue as the ocean.

She has her mothers personality and never quit attitude.  She loves to lay in mommy and daddy's bed at night before she goes to sleep.

Shes independent like her mother. And that's a good thing.

She said the word BullS*** and I thought she was saying Push it. That's not a good thing.

As soon as she sits in time out, she is asking if she can get out.

She is the one that changes clothes 50 times per day and leaves the clothes on the floor and I can't tell if they are clean or dirty.

The one that flies down the driveway on her hot wheels and doesn't stop.

The one that is fearless and scares me to death when she does crazy things.

I always joke about being glad we only have one girl. How we couldn't handle more girls.

Truth is that I am not sure I want to share my love for a daughter with more than one.  Daughters are different than sons.  Yes I think she is way more than I can deal with on certain days, but the way she comes in and want to cuddle with me and the way she screams when she gets excited...

I want memories of a daughter to be for her and her only.

The one I will love forever and ever and ever and ever

C3, I love you. You are my little princess and .will always be my little princess.

Hope you have a good fun day/

C3 the beginning

So peaceful

So fun

So happy

I cant wait to get home tonight and see my girl.






Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house every C's was not wanting to sleep and Im trying to get in T's blouse.

Just kidding, but it sounded so good.

Last year the C's Nanny and Paw Paw got the book The Night Before Christmas. 

Not just any book, a special book that they could record themselves reading it and when the kids opened it they would hear Nanny and Paw Paw reading it to them.

So tonight the kids opened the book and it was read to them once again

We had a good Christmas Eve day. Went and ate with my parents who came in from Virginia.  Then we did the yearly Christmas Eve at the C's Aunt Bing Bing and Uncle Nolens.  They had fun and we ate food and then came home to finish cleaning the house and make final preparations for the big day.

Everyone have a great Christmas and hope you and your kids enjoy every moment.




Thursday, December 23, 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time...

Today is the day before the day that is the Eve of the day the we call the big day.  Or you could call it Christmas Eve-Eve. Or you could just simply call it the 23rd.

I am so tired today.  For some reason I got up at 3 am to let the dog out, and as I was waiting for her to come back in, I decided to go to the fridge and scarf down a few chocolate peanut butter balls. The older I get the more I feel like a woman. First it is the whole shaving my body thing, then it is the pee-ing while sitting down thing and now it is eating BALLS in the middle of the night. Ok, sorry for the dirty-ness, just had to make that joke. I amuse myself most of the time

Speaking of being an only child....I am thinking about the C's and how much fun they are going to have this year sharing (stealing) each others gifts. How much fun they will have showing (shoving in our face) what they got from Santa. I know they will enjoy (painfully) playing with each other and their toys.  I know that more than anything they are going to love opening packages of clothes and then trying them on. Wait. No they wont but we will make them anyways.

Brothers and Sisters.  They might not get along sometimes but I know that on this great day we call Christmas they are going to love and share the fun with each other. 

Ok, now on to the "Stupid ME" portion of the post.  Black Friday, I bought night gowns for C3. Got home and showed T, to make sure the size was correct. I put them somewhere.  Where? Beats the poo out of me.  I cant find them. I looked all over the house.  I dont know if we wrapped them or if I just hid them that good.  To be continued..........

Are we ready for Christmas, who knows. But I do know that I am ready to be off for a few days to enjoy the kids, the parents, the friends and the rest of the family.

And now for an annoying Christmas Music Video to make you want to punch yourself

I can not stand that song. But look at the hair.




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leading up to Christmas.. Are you ready?

Lets see. Its a few days before Christmas and there is so much going on, in my world and in yours and just in general.

For instance.  I am married to T. SuperMom and Home schooler. Cloth Diapering and Breastfeeding Extraordinaire.  Green Earth loving healthy cooking sexy a$$ woman.

But last night when I get home it looks like I am married to a combo of Paula Dean, Martha Stewart, but with the sex appeal of a Rachel Ray and a Giada. I love it when T is in the kitchen with her sexy a$$ self.

I know 4 C's who were crazy as hell last night. Sugar? Maybe.  T cooked up the est batch of chicken nachos and I went to town, they were so good.  She was busy cooking all kinds of Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls.  Hmmm, made me think of this...

Elfie (ahem) was slacking this morning and didn't get his lazy elf-self up in time to make a move around the house even though he left some coloring sheets for the C's thinking that might help keep them out of T's rear all day so she could get some stuff done.

Ok, so tonight is the night S*#T gets done.  Presents get sorted and bagged and tagged and we make the beginning prep touches for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We watch the news every night. T and I do.  You know I have not heard anything about Baby Jesus being stolen.  Usually there are news stories about statues/ displays of Baby Jesus being stolen.  Whats up with that anyways?  How come no one ever messes with the Wise Men or Mary? Just curious.

So are you ready for Christmas?  Are your kids ready?  Do you have family coming to town? 

Remember no matter what you do to prepare, it is almost a safe bet that it will be somewhat of a stressing time. So much is crammed into a short time.  Just remember that if you have kids it is about them.  Let them have fun and watch them have fun. The mess will still be there.

So again I leave you today with a favorite of mine, this is a true classic



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tornado Watch 2010

Christmas is like a Tornado.

I really think it is. Think about it. The calm before the storm. The peace before the damage is done. You know it is going to hit and you still cant d a thing to stop it.  Then all of a sudden its here, its causing mass destruction to your home and stuff is thrown everywhere. You can run and you can hide but after the storm hits you are left staring, walking around wondering how you survived and trying to put a plan together on how you are going to tackle the mess.

Now see, doesn't that sound like Christmas? If you said no, YOUR NOT BEING HONEST!  All the months, weeks and days that come before the big day are spent cleaning, shopping, cooking, preparing, decorating and getting ready for the one big moment, that one day when your house will be turned upside down.  Kids will wake early, with squeals and shrieks and screams of joys and things will start flying.  Wrapping paper will be flung across the room like debris from a mobile home park.

Wait..OK food break, time to eat..

Back to the destruction of a living room or an area where families are gathered to witness all the craziness.  Yeah it is crazy and stressful and fun and wonderful and awesome and fun and messy and nerve racking...

But isn't it worth it?  Yes!

You know that look adults have after they are done eating on Thanksgiving, you know sitting on the couch, stuffed and can hardly move and have a look like they are going to pass out....well that is the same look that kids have after they get into bulldoze mode and tear through gift central.

After everything is opened and gifts are scattered and little plastic ties and cut in half and coffee cups are laying on floor and grandparents are overwhelmed by the kids energy, it all sinks in....Clean up efforts begin and large black garbage bags are filled with boxes and instruction and parts of toys that will all be looked for later.  You know it true. We all throw stuff out on accident and go digging later.

So the storm is over. The category ranges vary depending on the size of the family.  The storms are not big enough to get you Government assistance for clean up.  It will take days, weeks and months to recover from this Tornado er, I mean Christmas.  But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

That light, well it is the light shining from a toy that is about to hit you in the face as you try and sleep on the couch.  

Well I hope you and your family don't show up on the weather channel. 

Time for another of my favorite HOLIDAY songs.




Monday, December 20, 2010

Wee-Kend Fun....A lil of dis and a lil of dat...Plus a Video

So we made it home from Lake Lanier yesterday and the kids were happy. 

I know T was happy to be home. She can't stand not being in her own bed and she had a rough Saturday night.  It started when C4 did not want to go to sleep and he was being grumpy.  First I tried taking him for walks around the resort and I thought that may have worked but as soon as we got back to the room, well he started being grumpy again.  I took him for a second round of mood changing scenery and then I thought that did the trick as he went to sleep, but later in the night he got up and got a case of the grumps again and beside that T said he wanted to eat all night. So we will just leave it like this....T did not get a lot of sleep.

Kids did see Santa after eating breakfast and only C2 and C3 got brave enough to go up to him. C1 didn't leave the table and C4 got close but not close enough.

I enjoyed the trip this weekend, especially the part where we were driving home and I was singing Christmas songs to T. I just happened to change the words in every song to make it a dirty song. I think the only part she found funny was that I amused myself. You know for the record, I wouldn't have started singing dirty songs if she wasn't looking hot over there in the driver seat. FOR THE RECORD!

We got some stuff done that we needed to once we got home. Wrapped some gifts, did some laundry and watched some football. Had to get the football in. The Falcons came on at 4 so I was able to clean out the van and get everything unloaded before kickoff.  The Falcons are back in the playoffs and ready kick some A$$.  First we have to take on New Orleans Monday night and then Carolina both games at home. By the way I am 3-0 out of 4 games this weekend. I am back on track and I will win the football pool again at work for the 3rd week in a row if either MinneyMouseSota can beat the Bears or if the Bears win and both teams score 40 or more points.  So I will take a Vikes win or 40 points.

With Christmas right around the corner the kids are as excited as ever and counting down the days. Gifts are under the tree and the kids have been helping wrap some gifts too.  I really wish I had the entire week off, I just know that I could be home helping.....or getting on her nerves but at least I would be doing something.

Elfie has a few days left visiting our house before he has to go back and I am wondering if he has a few special things in store for the kids.  He left gifts at the resort, he must have know we were going because he was in the garage staring in the van as we got home.  This morning he was hanging out in some cereal and he left the kids another Christmas book.

So with the big day only days away, here is a favorite of mine for you to enjoy

Keep counting the days, we are almost there.




Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Who says you have to travel across the country or the world to have a Family Christmas Vacation?  Well you don't.  You don't have to even leave the state.  We didn't even have to drive more than two hours.

Today after we dropped one of the kids off at T's Mom's, (ok it was only Laila our Boxer) and then we were on our way to Lake Lanier for the Magical Nights of Lights.  It is a 7 mile stretch of Christmas lights from Reindeer to SpongeBlob NoPants, to displays of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Of course what is a Family Vacation without a little bit of drama.  We got to Lake Lanier and we checked in and me not knowing how much we paid for the room signed the papers and got the room keys and we were on our way to a Lake House.   We finally get to Lake House #18 and we get in and

HOLY COW!  It was a Sweet Lake House.  We had big rooms and a fire place and a kitchen and a back deck with a hot tub. Yeah a hot tub. Something I planned on using after the kids were asleep.

Then it happened.  T asked me how much the room was cause she had a feeling they sent us to the wrong place.  So I drove back up to the main building and went to ask and sure enough we were in the wrong spot.  We were not suppose to be in a sweet Lake House we got to be in a regular room, but it was a lot less than the Lake House.

So after we got into the room we are paying for we took the kids to the carnival and we rode rides and looked in the Santa shop and the kids had a real good time.  The weather got cold again so it felt like Christmas.  After that we rode out the seven mile stretch of lights and the kids enjoyed that for the most part.  You know as much as kids can sitting in a van riding 5 mph looking at lights.

So we got four crazy C's back to the room and now they are not tired and they are bouncing off the walls and watching a movie.

Tomorrow is the breakfast with Santa.  



Friday, December 17, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 12-17-10...Running out of time

This Daddy's Blog


As we get closer to Christmas, the list of things to do gets longer and the time gets shorter.  Finding time to wrap gifts and finish up what needs to be done is hard to find.  Getting home late and the kids staying up late makes it hard to get stuff done at night and T has long days so she is tired.  Im sure we will be making the late push again this year to pull of a great Christmas.

The C's has a Christmas Gingerbread House contest today.  They were excited to go and they think they are going to win and get a blue ribbon.  C1 was saying it was all about the fun and C2 was saying he just wanted to win.  So maybe they will have fun and win.
They were very proud of themselves.

The other day Elfie gave the C's a special Polar Express book, that came with a read along cd, so last night night we put the cd in and gave a listen
The C's loved it and C4 was the only one
who noticed I was taking pic's.
He is becoming a little face maker.

We are taking the kids this weekend to Lake Lanier for the Magical Nights of Lights.  This is suppose to be an awesome display of Christmas lights and you drive on a 7 mile stretch and they have lots of other things to do as well.  So the kids will be surprised. They know we are going somewhere, they just don't know where.
And I think if they might even get to have breakfast with Santa.

Elfie has become the hit in our house over the past weeks. So much that even C4 who is 18 months old is walking around the house trying to find him.  He has gotten so good at searching for Elfie that C4 has been the one to find him the last two days. Finding him in the fridge and in the Christmas tree.

So milestones are important when you have kids. Right?  Sure they are.  Well we had one yesterday and I sure did find out about it in a not so exciting way.  I got a picture text from T yesterday. Stay with me...T told me C4 was making the face.  Yes the face of a pooper...Stay with me...So she asked him if he wanted to go make poo poo on the potty.  Stay...He ran to the potty and Stay....HE DID IT.  HE POOPED ON THE POTTY.  YEAH.  THAT IS AWESOME.
But.... I didn't need a picture of it.  Yes it with the SH on the front of IT.  That was more on the lines of something I would do. Send a picture of IT with the SH on the front...But it was awesome.
And funny!!!

C2 started doing something that I do on the regular....He started running around the house in his drawers and was spanking his own butt and saying something about being too sexy for his ?????
Ok, he gets that from me. I know, I know.

Well my gift idea for T got a good laugh.  The D*&K in a Box. Yeah that went over well. Know who got the last laugh, not me.  T left a cute comment on that saying she didn't think we had a
"Small enough box"

And with that we move on to football.  I rocked again last week. With the picks I gave you and in the office pool going a total of 14-6.  Bringing home the $$$ for the second week in a row.

Here we go with this weeks picks.
(winners in bold)

New England(home)-9 vs. Green Bay - Tom Brady+Snow+NO Aaron Rodgers= big victory to keep the Pats on a roll.

Cincinnati(home)-1.5 vs. Cleveland - Can Cincy lose any more? Probably but Im picking them cause I love T.O and OchoCinco. Just win a game for crying out loud.

Atlanta-7 @ Seattle - Trap Game Alert.  Cross Country travel.  Saints the following Monday. Damn this game worries me but with Matty Ice we beat that ass and I can relax.

Minnesota(home)-1.5 vs. Chicago - This is all kinds of messed up.  The line was set before the Vikes had no qb and the Bears are needing a W.  Game in the snow. The Vikes suck A$$ and well that's it.

Have a great weekend.




Thursday, December 16, 2010

OPTing OUT of P.E. Seriously?

Are you ready?  Well I am either going to make some people mad or impress people with a serious post.  I am going to win people over or lose some readers.  I really hoping that you will just read and take it for what its worth...MY OPINION. Maybe it will make you do some serious thinking today.

Let me start by saying I read this article this morning online at USA and it got me shaking my head and repeating to myself "I am so glad we home school".  The article headlined More states let students opt out of P.E classes makes me think that this is a huge reason of why some of the children of our country are having weight and health issues.

P.E.???  Kids can opt out of P.E.??  When I was in school many many years ago, the biggest problem I had was being nervous about changing in front of the other kids. I can remember some kids wouldn't participate cause of this or that but it was never a big enough deal where a kids could OPT OUT!   The article says that kids can opt out if they sign up for other activities like sports, band or other activities.  Seriously, WTF?  If a kids doesn't want to be in P.E. why would they want to do a sport, or walk around carrying around an instrument?  Makes no sense to me. 

Why would a parent sign a waiver for their child to NOT take part in P.E.?  Look I get it that some kids CANT take P.E. for some reason or another but, shouldn't parents try and motivate kids that they can do it, instead of letting them off the hook.  If they don't do physical activities at school the chance they do it at home are less to none. 

My kids are home schooled.  How easy would it be to let them sit around all day after school work is complete and watch tv or play wii and not get any physical activity?  Well luckily T and I pride ourselves in not letting the kids just waste away.  "You are going outside"  "Get dressed and go out and play"  We tell them this, and our kids have no trouble going outside.

Part of taking P.E. is learning health. So if they can OPT OUT does that mean they don't have to take the health part of the class?  All of this is so crazy to me. 

We parents and schools and the Government all complain about the Obesity level of our children in America and what do we do?  Let them OPT OUT.  BS Man, make them take P.E. and get them on track to a better more healthy lifestyle.  You see complaints about vending machines in schools and the food that is served but do they tackle those issues, do they OPT OUT of eating that crap? NO!

Stress.  Kids in school have stress.  What is know to relieve stress? Exercise! Exactly. 

Look I believe that if parent and schools and the Government can focus on things that are important to the future of our children then we can make a difference.  Our kids can outlive us, our kids wont have to be forced to eat good only so they can GET Healthy instead of STAYING Healthy.  Play with your kids at home.  Run with them, exercise and also here is a big thing.  If your kids do go to a public or private school and your child is one of the active one, get your child to be a positive influence in another child's life.  Have your child make them feel wanted.  Children will play and have fun if they are invited and see that it WILL be fun.  If kids are told it is ok to OPT OUT and not participate in making themselves healthy then they are going to always take the easy way out.

How many times do we as parents see other kids and say to ourselves or our spouses something about a child and how they should be doing something different with themselves.  If you are being honest today, then you are saying "some or a lot or all the time".  It starts with US.  Be a good role model to your kids. Be a positive example.  Have your kids do the same.  I may not be Super Dad and I may have a lot of issues in my adult life as a parent but I will never let my kids or give my kids the chance to OPT OUT of physical fitness or ANYTHING for that matter.




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Special Christmas Gift for T

This is gonna be the best gift I have ever given her.. But first a little Elfie.

Elfie's on the move again.
And he's been leaving treats for the C's
He left the C's a Polar Express book that came
with a cd and an ornament.

They were really excited.

Then he thought he would check out the Gingerbread house the
kids are making for a contest.

This is a new spot.  Guess its a good thing I don't drink anymore

So Elfie is staying busy.  Getting his info to the North Pole.

I will have more on Elfie later.

But now, I need to ask a question.

How many husbands and daddys out there have trouble buying that awesome gift for your wife?  I do.  Well let me rephrase that, I did!  A few year ago T made me sign a contract that said the following...

"You will no longer buy me Christmas gifts. I will buy them and you will wrap them, that way I know I am getting something useful and I won't have to return it"

See I even signed it.  So I have kept my word.  Until now.  I am breaking the contract, I know there will be a penalty but I am not worried about that.  I will give her back rubs and foot rubs and work off the penalty.

Now most of you know that I am dirty. Sorry that is just me.  I have been real good in the past few weeks not blogging about me and T doing the PO-DO or any other stuff about our sex lives.  But again, sorry.  I just felt so good about this gift that I wanted to share it with everyone.  Everyone also knows how much I love my wonderful wife.  I blog about how great she is too.  A lot!!!!  I just know she is going to love this gift.

Really the only way to show or explain what the gift is...well just watch the video

  I think she is gonna love it!




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cha...Cha...Cha...Changes. Look how far we have come

Man how times have changed.

I can remember back in the day when I was living in Germany my NaNa used to send me VCR tapes in the mail with our favorite tv show on them so we could watch show that we didn't get overseas. This was in the 80's people, I'm old.

And I can remember getting 8 tracks from my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas.  Yeah seriously.

I can remember having a big a$$ boombox to carry around with cassette tapes in them.

Records, lp's.  I can still picture the Silver cover of the KISS Platinum album.

That brings me to what happened Saturday night when we were at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts.  We were waiting for the main area to open and were standing by the gift shop. ??? Yes they have a gift shop where they want you to buy puppets...

That was when I noticed this

VCR tape

I called C1 over and started to show him and tell him about it like we were at the Smithsonian or something. I was like "Look C1, this is a vcr tape, that has movies on it" He was staring at me like I was crazy and then he just walked off.  Oh well.

For the record we do have some vcr tapes in the house but for the most part now that the kids are a little older and can get their own movies to watch they are used to looking for these

Yeah. DVD's.

Times are a changin'. 

What changes have you noticed most since your children have come along?

I bet T would say Cloth Diapers.  She loves those.





Monday, December 13, 2010

Wee-Kend of fun....Puppets and Snow and Going Postal

When Saturday rolled around it got off to a good start.  Then T sent me to the post office.  Yeah you could say I went postal.  I got there and mailed her Ebay packages. I got home and found out that I didn't pay attention to what I was doing....And T let me know about it. We yelled and screamed and threw things at each other and she slapped me and I called her ugly names......Ok, just kidding.  But I did mess it up and she was not happy with me, but as we were leaving for the Atlanta Puppetry Center she did throw me back on the stairs and try to seduce me.....ok so I lied again, she did laugh at me and give me a kiss and that was good enough for me.

The Puppet Show ended up being a movie.  The Muppet's Christmas which we thought was going to be a puppet show turned into a movie that had puppets in it.  The kids liked it so that was all that mattered.  After that we went to one of the most famous places in all of Atlanta to eat.  Do you know what it is?  The Varsity!  The place is so well known.  The best chili cheese dogs and the screams of "Whatta Ya Have Whatta Ya Have"  fill the place.  When we left The Varsity, we drove around downtown Atlanta and saw some Christmas lights and we has some extra food so we gave it too a homeless guy sitting outside the CNN Center.  The kids thought that was nice and said next time we go down they want to bring him more and save up some money for him.  Time like that make me feel so proud that we raise good kids.

Yesterday, was a pleasant surprise day.  I woke up and went to go get the Sunday but as I was leaving I noticed that it was SNOWING.  Yeah.  When I got back we watched it for a bit then the kids wanted to go out and play in it.  Well being that this happens every now and then, it took us...oh a good 30 minutes to get the kids dressed.  Once we got outside, the fun was on.

As you can see the kids had fun no matter how little snow we actually got. 

Then the kids did some arts and crafts. 
The kids also got into wrapping some presents.  They loved that and are excited to have presents under the tree.  Lets see how long it takes for C4 to get into them.

Elfie had a good weekend.  He left the kids a Toy Story3 ornament and a Mickey Mouse ornament.  He also decided to track toilet paper all around the house and make a mess in the kitchen.

Also the kids finished watching the final two episodes of The Amazing Race.  It is cool how the kids enjoy seeing the all the different places they travel to and the challenges they do too.

We had a great weekend and we had fun.  It doesn't get much better than that.

My Atlanta Falcons won and are now a NFC best 11-2 and tied with T's New England Patriots for the NFL's best record both teams at 11-2.
I won you money again, going 2-1 with the Giants-Vikes game tonight.

Here's the kicker...The office football pool.  If the Vikings cover the points tonight T wins.  If Baltimore covers the points I win, if the Texans cover against Baltimore then it goes to a tie break including a third person.  Understand?  If not just find out tomorrow who won.





Friday, December 10, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 12-10-10....The Aftermath..Calming Down

This Daddy's Blog


I am so glad that today is Friday.  I am looking forward to spending time with T and the 4 C's.  Man seriously, I need to embrace them and enjoy them.  I am angry and worried and concerned, like any parent would be...but I am going to take this chance to educate myself and figure out how I can make this situation a good thing.  T is always and I mean ALWAYS telling me to stop being negative and stop thinking the worst.  And I do. I am the poster child for "Think the Worst".  I think maybe it is time to use all of my negative energy and put it to use for something else. I am not getting any younger and neither are the C's. I don't want the kids growing up saying "Damn Daddy is always so bitter and angry and stressed".  I am going to try and make an effort to relax and enjoy life and just see what happens.

Yesterday after C1's doctor appt. he stayed at T's moms for a while to do the arts and crafts and hang out like C2 & C3 did while he was at the doctor.  He had fun and they made some cool stuff.  He asked if he could stay over there until I got off of work and if I could pick him up.  It was the best ride home I have had since I worked there.  I got him and we had great talks.  I found out his three favorite holidays are Valentines, Easter and Christmas.  He told me his favorite Christmas song are Frosty, Rudolph, The Grinch, and Jingle Bell Rock.  Like I said it was the best ride home.

I realized last night that it is a lot easier to manscape myself if I do it more regularly.  I had let myself go and goodness I almost needed a John Deere.

If I am rubbing the wife and she falls asleep and starts snoring is that a good thing?

If I am taking C3 to sleep pee and I keep losing my balance and keep falling over while trying to hold her on the potty, does that mean I'm old?

If I eat dinner rolls two days later and they are still THAT good, does that mean they are really THAT good or am I just really hungry?

I think that Elfie our Elf on the Shelf might really be magical.  Since we adopted him C2's behavior has been great.  And watch this weekend for some more great stories involving Elfie

Honey I promise that steak you grilled the other night, that was awesome. Seriously.

T+Christmas socks+Shirt+this morning = Hot Damn Sexy

Something funny about C2 walking around the house in the middle of the night and finally landing in our bed. 

It is cute when kids back talk in their sleep
Me- (@2am) to C3  - Hey baby go pee pee before you climb into our bed.
C3 replies - (in a smarta$$ tone) I already went pee pee daddy

We are going to the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts tomorrow to see the Puppet show Rudolph.  The kids like that place, we get to make puppets and watch the shows.  That will be fun, it is at night so we are going to try and catch some of the downtown lights as well around Olympic Park.

Back to normal. Time for some football picks.

(Winners in bold)
 NFL Games

Atlanta-7 @ Carolina - Carolina sucks. The Falcons don't.  Nuff said!

NY Giants-2.5 @ Minnesota - The G-Men are need to keep pace with the Eagles.

Philly-3.5 @ Dallas- The Vick Experience keeps rolling through Dallas.

New England-3 @ Chicago - While the Bears have played well the Pats have played better.

I have a Giveaway that ends today.  Go up top and click the link. Enter.  Its easy.

Have a great weekend and remember to




Thursday, December 9, 2010

Praying and Faith...Im calling BS on it all

You know I was going to do a funny post today about how I like to use T's girly soap and deodorant and shampoo's and stuff and about Elfie but all that is out the window and I am sitting at my desk looking at this damn computer writing about how I have so many emotions going through my body right now.

I know that I am not the only one that has had a child go through stuff and has had to have stuff done but when it happens to me, to be honest I don't care about you and your family. I only care about my family.  I dont care about what you went through and that it turned out ok and how your kid or kids are ok, I care about me, my wife and my kids.

C1 had a appt today to meet with a well know highly recommended doctor about his torticollis and what we might be able to do about it.  Surgery.  That is what they told T. To release the muscle in his neck. It is not the news that we had wanted to hear.

On the scale of things it might not even be that big of a deal, but since it is my kid it is a huge deal.  We may not even go through this deal, but just thinking about it and being told we need have this done is enough to mess with my head.  I have no idea how T can keep her head straight. I mean I know she has to since she has the kids all day long and I know that I have to try and be strong around her and the kids and I will, I wont be the normal jerk that I am and I wont let the kids see how upset or stressed I am but you last night when I rolled over and tried to go to sleep I did something that I haven't done in a long time....

I closed my eyes and asked God to hook me up today and do me a favor and let the appointment go good and give us good news....and what did he do...NOTHING.  Just when I get to a point when I am leaning toward becoming a huge believer and leaning on the fence that maybe good things do happen for a reason...I ask for something and get nothing.

I know it could be worse.  Trust me I know.  I know enough people and have seen enough in my life to know it could be worse and I should be lucky.  Well I am lucky and I am happy to have a great wife and 4 awesome kids.  So how am I suppose to keep a happy face and believe that I am lucky when stuff happens to me or my wife and kids.  How am I suppose to know that as string as T is that she will keep it  together when I am not there.  T is not like me. She doesnt let emotions out like me. She doesnt share it, she doesnt wear her emotions on her sleeve like I do.  How am I suppose to feel when she gets upset about this and I want to be strong for her but I cant.  Im pissed at the world.  I dont want people to tell me it will be ok.  I dont care what you think or that you really believe in God and he will get us through this.  

I am sitting here wanting to go outside and take a bat and go to town on something.  I am wanting to sit here and cry cause I dont know how I am suppose to be a good husband and father and be a man and show strength.  I promised when T that when I told her I loved her that I would always protect her.  I told T that when we had kids I would always protect them. And here we are and we may be having to cross a road that I never paid too much attention too.  Is that protecting my children, I dont think so.

I cant stop thinking about having to go home and discuss this with T and then having to make a decision.  I want to go home right now and hug my boy and lay down with him.  For what he may or may not go through, I cant stop thinking about it.

As I am typing this I am talking to T on the phone about stuff and we both know and agree that it could be worse and harder it could be but none of that matters.  The only bright spot from all of this is that there is a little boy sitting asking Mommy "Do you think the other kids missed me?" and singing songs.  I know that what may or may not be done is not even comparing to alot of other things and is considered a small easy out patient deal but for what they are doing and thinking about doing it just keeps messing with my head.
So for those of you that are such huge believers in God and all his work you will have to excuse me while I call BS and wonder how I can be an adult about this and try handle this.  My biggest challenge is going to be acting like a grown man and not acting like a fool around my boy.

So really God, I do things by the book and this is what you hand back to me. Do I really need a life lesson about this. Does it have to involve my son?  Thanks a lot.  Talk to you soon, probably not.  Hows that for your "Have Faith" and your "Pray on it"? 




Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Blame Game

When are parents going to accept some of the blame?  Read the story below.  As I was reading this I started to go back to my main thought "This is why I would NEVER put my kids on a bus" even if we were insane enough to send them to school.  The flippin' bus driver left the 3 year old on the bus.  Seriously.  That is C3. If she were left on a bus, I would call the cops and tell them to meet me there and be ready to arrest me.  I would have beaten that 53 year old woman into a pile of ashes. But then you know what happened to my thought process....?????

I read the rest of the you read it and then tell me what you think.  Cause I am about to let loose.  See you after the story....

Toddler left on freezing bus for three hours

A school bus driver in New York state has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after a 3-year-old enrolled in the Head Start program was left alone on her bus, strapped into a car seat for three hours, WHEC-TV reports.

Kenny Wagar was dismissed from school early Friday and was supposed to be dropped off at an after-school program at a church. Instead, Penn Yan police say bus driver Janet Lane, 53, left him on the bus.

The boy's mother, Karen Wagar, says Kenny had no hat and no gloves and temperatures were below freezing that day. Wagar says her son yelled to the bus driver, but she apparently didn't hear him.

Ok. I want to know if the mother sent the 3 yr old to school with the proper attire?  It doesn't say that.  It says her son had NO hat and gloves.  Where in the *$%& are the kids hat and gloves.  Come on mom!  Cant you tie the kids stuff to his jacket?  Something, anything.  If you did send the kid to school with that stuff, then we need to blame the teachers or someone at the school.  Putting a 3 yr old on a bus with no hat and no gloves in freezing temps.  But I see only blame going to the bus driver. 

Why do more parents not "Own their S*&%"?  Why do more school officials "Own their S&^$"?  It is because everyone is scared to death that they are going to lose their child, job, income, source of living. 

Parents do a better job and parent like you mean it.  Your kids plays video games. Fine. Just don't let them play ALL DAY LONG.  Your kid watches things above their age level. Fine. Explain it to them.  Your kid have school work.  Do it with them or check it after them.  Look I am a working daddy.  I am the last person to preach about how parents should deal with kids, I have my own issues about maturing as a parent, but there are some things that should just come natural.  We as parents like to blame others. Maybe it is easier that way. Maybe so we don't feel as bad for the mistake we made.  But the quicker we own up to our own faults the faster we as parents will be better parents.  This also trickles down to the kids.  If we blame others aren't the kids going to pick up on that and do that in their own trials?

Just a thought.  What do you think and how do you feel?  Wanna argue, or talk.  Leave some comments and or tweets and lets get to it.




Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Putting the FREEZE on Daddy...."We want MOMMY!"

So much for it being HOTlanta.  I woke up this morning and it is a sort of chilly 25*.  I like the cold weather, don't get me wrong but if it is going to get THIS cold can we please get some snow.  Real snow, not the flurries that look like a scene out of the breakfast club when Ally Sheedy is shaking flakes from her hair to make an art project.  I want inches.  OF SNOW PEOPLE.  I want to be able to get all bundled up and get the kids all layered up and go outside and play.  I want it to snow so much that I can get a snow day off work.....wait, that will never happen.  Ok, well lets just get some snow ok.  Maybe a White Christmas??

Elfie was on the move again this morning.  As I was going around the house checking on sleeping C's, I made some discoveries....

Elfie trying to hide in C3 bedroom.
And he let the kids another Christmas treat
He left the C's a book.  But Elfie better stop using
Organic Raisins or he may not get any more Barbie parties.

Last night something occurred to me and it stressed me out.  Aggravated me, kind of pissed me off, but then I sat and thought that it really wasn't that big of a deal and then got slapped in the face by smartness and realized that it was my own fault. 

Most of the time when I get home at night the kids are going crazy, bouncing off the walls and they are excited for me to be home.  By then it is a team effort to get them under control.  Snack time and story time and teeth getting brushed and T and I both do certain things.  She does things good and I handle some things good.  Well last night T had to go to the store since we were out of Organic Milk and the kids hate the taste of regular milk.  Well guess what happened as soon as T left for the store?

No C4 actually didn't cry. He was the only one that didn't give me problems.  I put him in the sling,
And he went to sleep.

The other C's didn't have the same plan.  "Mommy this" & "Mommy that" & "I am not doing that until Mommy gets home". I mean shoot,  why wont the kids listen to ME?  I was so frustrated last night.  It started when I F-ed something up that I ordered for T and I let that bother me. (Which I hopefully can get fixed)   Then add on the fact that the kids would not listen to me.

But I know that it is all on me, cause I didn't use the time out, that works so well for us, I didn't use warnings that work so well for us.  I did use Elfie, and I did use some "Love and Logic" and that didn't work.  So I gave up and let T come home and handle getting the kids to bed.

The only thing I did right last night in handling the situations was that I didn't yell or lose my temper.  I don't feel that great though because I shouldn't do that anyways.

Well tonight is another night.  Tonight the kids will listen and if they don't I will adjust.





Monday, December 6, 2010

Wee-Kend of fun....A day at Stone Mountain

Wanna know what happens when I am not a jerk at Stone Mountain?

We have a drama free day at Stone Mountain  filled with Christmas cheer and fun and all kinds of goodies.  It started off good.  Even though T wanted to get there around noon and we didn't even leave till after noon.  We ended up getting there around 2, which is the time they open.  But the kids ate on the way and we were all set.

We took the chance to get some Christmas card pictures and T is working on those.  So stay tuned.

My Princess C3 and C1

She is a tough one

C4 and the BIG guy

What a 4 pack

Our Crazy 4

Mommy T with C4

We saw the Polar Express 4d show.  Snow falling from the sky and our seats vibrating like we were actually there.  The kids loved it.  They love The Polar Express so that made it even better.  We saw the Snow Princess and she came through on the parade and made it snow and then later in the night she flew across the park and made it snow all over the park.  We saw the workers plowing the man made snow and getting it ready for Stone Mountains SNOW MOUNTAIN.  It looks like it will be a lot of fun.  Too bad the place is so expensive.  Oh well.  We also saw a show where some guys and gals came out and sang Christmas songs.  But this year they added something to make it more kids friendly...

It was a fun day.  We all had fun.

Yesterday, well it was a little bit of a good and bad day.  T will tell you I was the bad part of the day and I will tell you that I was the good part of the day.  I got a lot done as far as the house cleaning goes.  But then I was in such fast forward motion that I started messing stuff up.  Spilt candle wax all over the mantle.  Started the fire without opening the flume.  Yeah.  Oh well it all ended well.  I made cookies for the kids and we all went to bed happily ever after.

Elfie had a quiet weekend, didn't do much moved around a little.  But just keep checking in, I bet something big is about to happen soon.

I was 4-1 in the football picks with a game left tonight.  The Falcons came from behind to get another win.  Best team in the NFC at 10-2.
I need the Patriots to win tonight to force a 3 way tie and it will go to the points in a tie-breaker for the office pool.  Bad thing is I can't even watch the game. No ESPN. And T cant watch her Tom Brady and his flowing locks get business taken care of.




Saturday, December 4, 2010










Friday, December 3, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 12-3-10....A little bit of everything

This Daddy's Blog

So the past two days I have become a Twitter fool.  Now I don't have the Lady Gag Gag amount of followers and stuff like that, but it is fun.  T, is loving it too.  And oh my gosh Twitter even has
Boden on it too.  I just finished doing jumping jacks over that, I swear.

So I am changing T's name to Mrs. Griswold since she pretty much did all of the decorating this year for Christmas.  We don't do a lot inside since the kids will tear it down and play with everything but she has the outside of the house rockin'.

Who here drinks coffee?  Me too.  Well my beautiful assistant (and wife) T has become a coffee drinker.  Yes honey you are. Admit it.  She used to say "Coffee is nasty" but now she is loading up with the java.  I think she just wanted to have something else in common with me.

She sent me pics yesterday of C3 and C4 holding her coffee.  I just laughed.
They were sneaking sips.

Ok, so here is where I admit to another ManCrush.  Jimmy Fallon.  Jimmy is the one you say you like for his personality not his looks.  This dude is so funny and he was a favorite of mine on SNL but now he has turned into a late night tv favorite of mine.  The songs he does and the thank you letters.  He has me FOTFLMAO, (ok let me not do that ever again).  I was laughing so hard the other night as he sang "I whip my hair back and forth" as Neil Young and with Bruce Springsteen.

So, C4 has got this new thing.  A pouty face.  He gets mad, he pouty faces.  It works on his Mommy but not on me.  Not yet.  Now my only problem is that if C3 gets one of those looks, man I'm in trouble.

Elfie had a more quiet night.  Well for all we know. He was hiding out here this morning
In the Christmas stocking by the door.
I found out that Elfie has some major weekend plans, watch out for that.

What about working for a repo company give people the right to say the dumbest things.  For instance on our nextels that we use to talk to our drivers....
*10-4, *Copy, *Over,
Why can't we be a little more original and come up with our own stuff, like wrestlers....
*Do you smell...what the Rock is cookin'!, *That's the bottom line, cause Stone Could said so, and the classic Ric Flair *WOOOOOOOO.
Fellow blogger, give me some ideas of what I can say to my drivers?

Football Picks.
With only two picks last week I was 1-1.  Bama let me down and my Dirty Birds did what they do.  WIN.  So lets see what we got this weekend.
(Winners in Bold)
Auburn-6 vs. South Carolina(in Atlanta) I went against Auburn last week and they came back to beat Bama.  I am not going against Cam Newton again. Take the Tigers.

Virginia Tech-4 vs. Florida State(in Charlotte) I am rolling with the Seminoles in this one. Just have a gut feeling that FSU qb Ponder is going to have a big day

Oklahoma-6 vs. Nebraska(in Arlington)  Huskers leave the Big 12 forever as the Champions and spoil OU's hopes and make Bob Stoops cry.

Atlanta-3 @ Tampa Bay - The Falcons are a NFC best 9-2.  Lets make them a NFC best 10-2 after we win and cover the 3.  Matty Ice, The Burner Tuner, and Roddy White. Nuff said.

New England(home)-3.5 vs. NY Jets - Ok Brady and the Pats. won't lose to the Jets twice in one season.  The Jets made fun of Bradys hair.  I see a 4 Td game from T's Tommy Boy.

New Orleans-6 @ Cincinnati - I hate the Aint's and the Bengals have to get another win sooner or later. I tweeted T.O. and Ochocinco and they promised me they are going to win straight up.

Time for me to give something away.  To you.  One of you. My loyal fans, readers, lovers of my words.
Can you tell me what today is?
The winner will get TWO Hair bows made by T.

Have a great weekend and wish me luck at Stone Mountain.  Last year T wanted to kill me cause I was a jerk when we went.  I promise to behave this time.

One of my giveaways ends tonight.  If you haven't entered yet....What are you waiting for? The link is up above.




Thursday, December 2, 2010

Could you ever do this and why?

Can your kids do something so bad that you would never talk to them again or make you not even care where they were?  As a child can your parents do something to piss you off so bad that you wouldn't want to talk to them ever?

Everyone is going to have different answers to these questions.  Both of my answers are no.  Now I may get upset with my kids over time and they may get older and make decisions that I will not be happy with but I don't think I could ever cut them off.

My parents and T's Mom, now they are great parents and awesome grandparents.  They both do a lot for all of us.  As a son, I know that I have done a hell of a lot in my life that have made my parents mad.  From punching holes in the walls in their house, to drinking the good stuff when they were gone, to having buddies throw up on very light carpeting in the house.  But the one thing my parents never did was cut me off.  At the same time, my parents have done things that have made me mad over the years and I would never close the door on them.  There might come a day when I wont want to talk to them for a while or they might make me so mad that I will have to distance myself for a bit, but again I don't think I could ever just forget them all together.

Why am I saying this?  All day long I call people asking for information trying to find family members so I can find the cars I am trying to repo.  I can't tell you how many times I hear "I don't talk to my child" or "I don't talk to my parents".  Now I know I am being lied to a lot, but sometimes some of this has got to be the truth.  "I don't talk to my siblings" or "I haven't talked to them in years".  Seriously??  I am an only child, but I cant believe that brothers and sisters cant talk to each other. Get mad, hate for a while, but it all comes down to family and like Jo the SuperNanny says "For Life"  My kids better NEVER stop talking to each other.  I want my kids to know that they will always have someone whether it is T, Me or each other.

Maybe that is why when people on the phone tell me that they don't talk "To Them", I give them the smart-alec response "Yeah, sure..whatever."  I just cant understand it.

So again I ask, Can you shut out your parents or children for any reason?  Family.  Family has to stick together.  Your kids will ALWAYS be your kids.  Our C's will always be our C's.

Chew on that....

Now guess who was having his own little party last night? I went on a recon mission and found our little Elfie has settled in quite nicely.  Making himself at home.

First I spotted him by T's laptop.

 And then as I was going to take C3 to sleep pee
I saw Elfie on the couch.
  Elfie.  Look at the Playa'. Not one but two Barbies.
(I had to do some work on the photo's.  Elfie doesn't realize
that I run a family blog here.
(And seriously, I couldn't find the clothes)
(I know it looks like they have diapers on)
(But at least it looks like they have on cloth diapers)

And finally this morning after a hard night of partying Elfie ended up
In the bathroom, holding a toothbrush.

Another day in the life of Elfie.



PS.  Giveaway ends soon, if you don't enter you cant win.
Let's Twitter.  If you read the blog, let me know if you do the Twitter so I can follow you.


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