Sunday, January 31, 2010

Babies R Us or Getting kicked in the Balls?

So after being sick all week I finally started to feel better Saturday afternoon and T and I decided to have so friends and their kids over that night. The kids seemmed to have a good time and the adults, well we just hung out and talked about how this couple has a tough thing they are going through and I offered my services to go kick someones ass if they wanted me to.  I have to give a large amount of credit to Mr JF because of the whole deal.  I mean if I were in that position I would really kick this other dudes ass. But good for both of them the way they are handling it is the best way for them. But the offer is still out there for the ass kicking.

There used to be a time when we would go shopping at this certain place and a feeling would come over me. A warm, fuzzy feeling. It made me feel great and I would have a smile.  T would wonder what was wrong with me.  That feeling that was coming over me was the feeling of being horny. I can remember when T and I used to go shopping at Babies R Us or shopping for any other baby stuff I would become horny.  Seriously, I don't know why but maybe that is why T kept getting pregnant.

Today I realized something.......I hate being at Babies R Us. I wanted to get a running start and jump into the wall.  HEAD FIRST.  T spent like 30 minutes looking at the same shit, like it was on a revolving shelf.  The kids and I sat in the rocking chairs counting patterns on the bedroom sets.  I thought at one time we actually banned this store......guess not.  I thought about trying to breastfeed one of our kids just to see if we could get thrown out, oh wait we were not at Target.  I love my wife and she didn't go out of control but I really would have rathered been kicked in the balls then go there again.  You would think that they would not even let me in there again after I called and threatened to blow the place up 7 years ago when they f-ed up our furniture order.  Guess they don't remember me.

Then I had to go to HH Gregg to return the f-ing phones that we had so much trouble finding. We are just going to keep our old phones and get new batteries.  I am so sick of the phone shit. 

Now to the "I am getting old" portion of the post.  The Grammy's are on and I am wondering why is Pink so damn ugly.  Why did Beyonce' who was looking good tonight grab her junk?  I mean she must have some junk in there to grab right?  I wonder if Jay Z knows?  Lady GAG GAG is the UGLIEST MAN ALIVE.

So I guess I am so excited to go back to work tomorrow.  At least a co worker fixed my laptop at work that got a virus on it and it would not operate it at all.  So I can get back to blogging and finding non car payers at the same time.

Things I learned this weekend, C1 will never stay behind the table and away from the tv, C2 is addicted to Super Mario on the Wii, C3 will always be hungry before bed and lose her damn beary every night and C4 is a very fast crawler.

T is watching some show about the Druggers and I would rather pull nose hairs out with burning hot tweezers.  Gotta go get some laundry so I am gone.  To my C's if you ever read this, C1, C2, C4 stay far away from baby stores when you get to that point and C3 please don't make your man go there.



Friday, January 29, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-29-10

This Fridays Final Thoughts go like this

The only way I am going to get over being sick is to stop thinking I am sick, too much to do.

I know T is ready for me to get better cause I havn't done shit around the house all week

Why do I have cell phone sitting in my underwear drawer when they are not even being used? 

Another big WHY!  I had a vasectomy last year, so please tell me why I have boxes, yes boxes of condoms in the same underwear drawer.  Not like I ever used them in the first place and have so many needs for them now.   So be ready readers for my first Give-Away you may be winning boxes, yes boxes of condoms.

I am not going to piggy back on my wifes blog....but I am going to say this...Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but why some people worry and waste time over complaining about certain things is beyond me.  Breastfeeding....Not going away people,  get used to it and either learn to love it and accept it or turn your sorry ass face the other way and go walk into oncoming traffic.

Does anyone have some INSIDE VOICE they would like to sell?  My daughter is missing hers.

Just in case you have never watched Shaun White aka The Flying Tomato the guy is the best  snowboarder
on the face of the Earth.  Winter X Games 14 on ESPN this weekend and then he will be in the Winter Olympics.  Dude is AWESOME.

I know this happens at my home and my boys are young and will miss the toilet sometimes when they pee, but why in the world can the guys I work with NOT pee in the toilet.  Grown men. 

My absolute Final Thought for this Friday is this.......I love my C's and my wife.  I will do anything for them and if I cant do something for them I will without a doubt give it my best shot. 



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's have a moment of Silence

There are some things guys, fathers, husbands just can't live without.  Some love there beer, not me I quit drinking and it has been almost a year now.  Fast cars, I drive an Impala and the places I go are not moving anytime soon.  Fast, hot women, T drives  plenty fast and is hot so I don't miss anything there.  To each their own. This blogger Nikki @ Life as we know it has done the unthinkable. She has done what alot of wives dare not do.  Her husband who I am going to guess is a huge Cowboys fan, was put in a difficult spot.  A rock and a hard place.  A tree with no ladder.  A ship with no paddle....ok.   If you want to read more about it go to her blog and read the post "One Small Step for Man" but I must warn you......not easy to accept the outcome.

Her husband Jake had to make a call to the Satellite Company and turned the service off. NOOOOOOOO. I can't believe he did it.  Now I know that he would not have done this on his own, so she must have MADE him do it. 

T, as you read this I hope you know that this can NEVER happen and when I say NEVER, I am really saying please don't turn off our satellite service.  You know what will happen if you do.  More time you have to spend with me, which means more quality time and by quality time I mean.........You got it. That's right.

I am by no means a couch potato but come on, I have got to get my fill of sports and cheap reality tv.  My favorite shows, our favorite shows. Of all the material items we have and things we pay for I love my tv.  I love my heat and air and water and power also, but something about having the tv on and the sound of football and basketball and now the Winter X Games and the Winter Olympics are coming on soon. I gotta have it.

So this post is a plea to my awesome, beautiful, talented, smart, sexy, good lookin' home cookin' wife to please do not make me pick up the phone and dial that number. 

Now to Nikki, since you have already tore your mans heart out and danced with wolves on it, I am making a plea to you....Give that man his satellite back. Super Bowl is coming up and I know he is going to want to have some ESPN coverage and NFL Network and you cant order the Lingerie Bowl without satellite....(not that I want to watch it or anything) Men walked the moon so we could have satellite, just think of all the hard working men and women out there that lay the cable for us to have satellite service.   Tonight when you look at Jake, ask him "Is he really happy without satellite?" 

So today I feel like I have to pick up my brother and carry him back to safety.  I shed tears for him over this and all the other men who were forced to make this call.  I have lost a brother today and from now on whenever I turn on the tv, Jake I will have a moment of silence for you, just a moment though cause then I have to get back to the game and cheer loudly.  Remember my tv is your tv.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And where do you think you are going?

C4 who will be 8 months next week has recently gone through some changes.  He has been just sitting around and somehow moving himself around the house. He has been pulling himself up on things and loves to stand and bounce. T got him a bouncy swing thing that hangs in the doorways and he loves that thing. Bounces all over the place.  But very recently he has started crawling and when I say crawling, I mean he is all over the place.  Put him in the living room and he winds up in the kitchen.  Put him in the kitchen and he winds up in the play area.  He is getting around and has the bruised knees to prove it.  He is so happy and loves to try and follow everyone around. Most of all Mommy T.  I mean this boy loves to follow and hang by Mommy.  The other C's love to announce when he has changed his location.  So now the hard part is here.  Well the hard part in my eyes is making sure the other C's know that they have to make sure they pick up all the little things they like to leave out.  Tonight on the way home T informed me that C4 was under the kitchen table, crawling around looking for scraps. Reminds me of Laila the family dog.  So while the older 3 C's will continue to accidently drop food under the table, guess we need to make sure C4 gets plenty of ninny juice and  organic food that T makes for him.

The biggest problem in T's eyes (and this is only my thought, may be wrong) is that her last little baby boy who she holds and carries is getting older.  Now almost 8 months is not old at all but the way time flies and our kids grow so fast, I know she is not too happy about him crawling.  I mean I know she is excited about it, but there are only feelings that a mother can feel.  And I know she has a little piece of her that doesn't want this time to fly by so fast.  That is what makes her a great Mommy, she takes every moment and slows the clock so she wont miss a minute. 

So now that C4 is crawling, it is time for T and I to do the most important things
LOVE our little C4 and slow the clock down

 Caputre every moment and keep it close to our heart

 And dont blink, cause you never know what he is going to do next



Random Headlines from USA TODAY 1-27-10

Been a few days since I have blessed your eyes with some good headlines, so I thought these would be good for a laugh today.
PETA calls for robotic groundhog to replace Punxsutawney Phil....PETA is not going to be happy when this damn robot comes out and is covered in fur.  PETA, do you not have anything better to do?

Attacker hits Israel's chief justice with sneaker in face....Then screams Nike made me "JUST  DO IT" and "GOTTA BE THE SHOES"

Truth about sex: 60% of young men, teen boys lie about it....No kidding.  Get this, about 100% of married men lie about it too.  Sure I get it ALL the time

Book tells of John Edwards' affair, his disdain for 'fat rednecks'....Sweet, asshole's book tells how he cheats on his wife who has cancer and fathers her kid, and how he likes "skinny rednecks"




Wish I had a SICK DAY

Being sick sucks. I hate being sick and I am not good at being sick.  I would rather change poopy diapers than be sick like this. Not that I really want to be changing poopy diapers, I hate that too. Especially now that we use those cloth diapers, that is nasty.  You get the point.  T and the kids were sick a couple weeks ago and she was awesome, day in and day out, taking care of the kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning.  I mean she did everything and didn't even let the flu hold her back.  Me on the other hand, I have been feeling shitty since Monday and havn't felt like doing anything but sleeping and resting.  I am here at work AGAIN feeling like shit.  My awesome place of employment that I have worked for now 8+ years is so great that they allow us to have oh lets say NO sick days. Yeah NONE. One week vacation, NO sick days and I have been here that long, every day all day and never miss work, except when T was having the kids, and I even used my vacation time for that.

I know people, you and my wife say the same thing "If you don't like it then find something else" well being that jobs are hard to find and I am making enough right now to let her stay home, I have to suck it up.  Until??? I don't know.  I get to sit at a desk and feel like shit and at least I am not working manual labor or anything, I mean my job is easy sit here for 11 hours and call and piss people off and find their cars so we can go repo them...FUN RIGHT?  Not when you are sick.

Another problem with being sick is that when I finally get home a 9 pm, I have no energy to do anything, which means I am absolutely NO HELP to T,  and I am usually no fun for the kids. I get to see my C's for only usually 1 hour at night and when I feel like shit I am no good to them. It is not fair for them, but being sick is out of my control. I do my best to be a germ-a-phobe, and I get sick usually one time per year and it is alway bad so guess we will see and let it run.

When I get sick, I remind myself how lucky I am.  I mean I have this great wife who is the best mom and she might get sick or whatever and she never lets anything take away from running the show. I get up and drive my sick sorry ass an hour to work, sit at a desk, curse people out and blog about it.  T wakes up, does breakfast, teaches C1, does lunch, does dinner, cleans house, does laundry, and oh yeah cant forget to mention takes care of 4 C's one who is almost 8 months old.  The only plus to being at work is that I am getting paid and I am not giving her another child to take care of.




Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dressed to Kill (ME) & Impress T

It is starting already.  C1 is only 6, but he is beginning a habit that I don't know if I can handle or support.  Mommy T, I know she can handle and support it, and I know she is excited about it right now.  I make my nightly call to the house as I leave work and T is telling me about the C's day.  C4 is fussy and has been crawling all over the place, C3 has made her share of stops today in the time-out spot, C2 is still having his transformation into this overly nice and helpful child, C1,  well here we go.  So T is telling me that C1 was looking through a clothes catalog today and picking out clothes he liked and putting circles around them.  She said he had circles around something on every page. Funny, cool, yeah I thought so.  My 6 yr. old is picking out his own clothes and checking his styles.  My kids all dress good (With no help from me). 

For the record  "Mini Boden's Spring 2010" catalog is where C1 is page shopping.

So T begins to show me the clothes C1 has picked out. I must admit my kid has some style. Now he did this all on his own. His circles, his choices and when I called him over to tell him I liked his picks, he got this huge smile and this look on his face that said "Yeah dad, im cool and I got style".  So then T is still showing me all the stuff, but this time she is pointing out how much these clothes cost. OH SHIT, NO WAY!  See I am not really worried because I know there is NO WAY IN HELL T would spend this much on clothes.

Fast forward to the bedroom, sorry no Pants Off-Dance Off this episode, but we are starting to watch The Bachelor and she is ordering some clothes from this catalog, ok still because I know she wont order too much.  Then all of a sudden she blurts out how much she is ordering and I spit up all over myself like a breast feeding baby who inhaled way too much boob juice.  I broke out in sweats and began to throw up in my mouth and asked her "I hope you at least didn't order the $30 underwear?"  Thank god she didn't. "OH but I have a coupon" she says, shit you better have 5 coupons.  So my kids will be dressed to impress for the Spring and Summer seasons and I swear to the green grass I walk on, there better be no underwear in that box when it gets to my door.

T's little 15%  off.  Yippeeeeeeeee

C1 picked him out some nice stuff out of this HIGH PRICED
Catalog from MINI BODEN.
C1 liked the red shorts and C2 is getting the blue shorts and shirts too I guess.

Note to anyone at the Mini Boden apparel company....Can I please get my kids a clothing contract. Your shit is crazy expensive. I don't even wear $30 underwear.



Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bachelor 1-25-10...Opinions from This Daddy

Before I start my Monday night Bachelor breakdown I guess I need to make sure everyone knows a little something about me. Seems that a certain reader  Nikki (who happens to have a great blog too) wanted to crack a joke on me saying that I was....well you do I put it?  GAY!!  I love a good joke, I mean I am a big, if not the biggest joker around.  Now not that there is anything wrong with being gay, I would like to point out that I am NOT gay.  See, Nikki wanted to make jokes about me a guy, a manly man going on to MckMama's Forum and commenting on shit and she thought that was funny. I have to admit it,  that was very funny, and even my wife felt the need to comment on that also. HAHA.  I would like to say that the last time a woman made a coment about me being gay was 10+ years ago and she had the most magical weekend of her life (to that point) and then decided she wanted to marry this stud and not give anyone else the chance to have me.  Yeah.  4 kids know the rest.  So to you Nikki,  I am glad you live in Texas, because I sure would hate to have both of our happy homes broken up over the fact  that I know what happens when a woman considers me to be gay.  Just look at my track record!  Marriage and kids.  Plus,  I don't want any husbands looking for me.  And with that said, we move on to..


Jake's date with Gia went really well and T and I both like her. T picked her from the first show.  Some of these girls have GOT TO GO.  VIENNA is a big mouth **, and ugly.  Ali, see T and I both liked her but now she is turning into a mouthy one, all she does is talk shit about Vienna.  He really likes Tenley and just gave her a Rose also.  Ok so who is the brown headed chick that never says a word and she is like the 3rd wheel.  I dont even know her name. Ok an hour later....Jessie is her name??????

These girls all talk about what a great guy Jake is.  Kathryn and Ella, one is going home and I hope it is Kathryn.  He takes Ella out and leaves Kathryn there looking like a fool.. HAHAHA. Pouty little girl.  He tells Kathryn he loves her eyes and it is so dark outside. 

Jake is a goof. He is telling all the girls how beautiful they are and NEWS FLASH JAKE.....They are all not good looking.  T and I are watching this again and wondering what the hell.  Oh but wait she knows the spoiler, so she knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am sitting here cursing Jake for having these pouty, mouthy, snotty women and only some of them are hot.  Come on Jake be smart this week and boot the right girls.  I am ready to see the girls go home and cry on the way out talking about how they had a connection and how he broke their heart and how they hope they can ever love again.  Sure they can as soon as they get back home and hit the nearest bar.

Now T has stopped us from watching this so she could make this nasty ass popcorn that smells like shit. It smells like caramel shitcorn. Just had to put that out there.

His ass is getting ready to send both chicks home. HAHAHAHA, even though one is my chick Ella, m-fer, I keep picking these damn losers.  Kathryn is out of her mind asks him if he is sure....Hell yeah girl, get to steppin. Don't let the door hit your ass.

So now 7 girls and only 2 have Roses. Send some more packing.  These girls are so f-ing fake acting like they are sad that the girls leave.  Oh man he burns the Rose then pee's on it.  Just kidding

Gia, Tenley are safe.  Ali (nice pick), Corrie (playing in the sand got her that rose), after the long delay and the rest of the girls sweating it out...........2 more going home...yeeehaw....Now he is crying....dude.....He kept Vienna. Damn it. Bastard. You sorry Bastard. Ashliegh and Jessie go home.  Jake you lost all your credit with me. Vienna is a ugly penis packing chick, I swear I think she looks like a dude. 

And the show ends with the racoons spying on the girls



The Great Burt's Bees Hand Salve Experiment Update

Update:  So on Jan. 11th I did a post about my nasty, dry, cracked, bleeding, get the point, my hands.  So the Burt's Bees Hand Salve worked. This shit really worked. My hands have never been softer and the cracks are gone and even T says that my hands are soft.  Maybe I can get T to take some pictures of my hands tonight and post them. I am really impressed with this stuff and glad that I followed the directions and continued to use it daily.  I have used this stuff all day long and before I go to bed at night. I am now waiting to get a contract for a hand model, you know to show off rings or watches. My hands look good. Soft man hands, my wifes best friends. Well she loves these soft hands at night when I am giving her the back rub she deserves.

I even use the stuff on the dry spots on C2's nose, he loves it too, dont know if it is for that, but it works.

Next job for the Burt's Bees Hand Salve-- To see if this stuff works on feet. Trust me no pictures of the feet.  You don't want to see those



I can't hear you...You said what? Pink on her what?

Monday, oh sweet Monday, I am so glad you are here. Who am I kidding?  The only person that is glad it is Monday is my awesome wife who has patience dripping out of her damn ears. The wife who can sit in a cardboard box with 4 C's screaming and crying and look as calm and cool as Peyton Manning as he has 4 guys rushing at him at the end of a game.  Me on the other hand, I look like a rookie on a last place team and no offensive line who falls down and prays "Dont hurt me".   Last night C3 was going through her late night energy release and would not stop screaming and yelling. This girl has no inside voice, NONE WHAT SO EVER!   I can't handle it when she does this.  I would rather let the kids smack me in the face with wooden spoons. Seriously.  Oh well, so me losing it and got T about ready to strangle me, she was trying to do something and got tired of listening to me bitch and moan. Well she said  "Till Death Do Us Part" so I know she is not going anywhere. HA HA Honey, you are stuck with me!

Earlier in the day we decided to brave the Earth ending winds and rain to go all across the world to go to this birthday party. The kids enjoyed the party and I had some fun too, jumping in the gymnastics foam pit and playing with the C's.  I learned 2 things at this party.  #1. Is something I talked with T about last night and I can't mention it because I don't want to offend anyone, sorry to leave you hanging. Ask T if you really want to know.  #2.  NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER.....will my daughter wear any clothing that has words on the ass. I mean NEVER. If you let your daughter's do it, then good  for you, but I am not going to have anyone looking at my daughters ass. At this kids party, remember KIDS party, the girl, young woman, what ever you want to refer to her as, had on some sweat pants that had the word "PINK" on the ass.  Ok before all you out there say "Why you looking at her ass?",  when you are behind someone and big letters are on the back of sweat pants you just notice.   It was kind of funny because Saturday night, T's best friend LM even joked about the same issue,  asking me if I had seen the pant's she gave to C3.  Not going to happen.  What is the deal with that anyways?  Are they going to put shit on the front of the crotch too?  Whatever, I guess I am old, but I DO NOT EVER WANT any clothes for my precious, loud, curly haired, beautiful C3.

I do have a few reasons that I am happy on this Monday morning, lets go over them.........First the weekly repeating reasons.  The Bachelor, 24 and Chuck.  The Bachelor and the wacko nut jobs that cry every 5 minutes.  Go from Jake to Jack. 24 is my all time favorite show.  Then Chuck is one of my new favorites.

Then I was crying last night after the Saints vs. Vikings game.  Crying for JOY, JOY, JOY as the Farve Train got derailed and he once again lost the game for his team with his interception.  He pretended to be hurt and his wife and her looks of pain in the stands. OH BOOO HOOO. Or rather HA HA. Sorry to the Vikings fans, if he was not in your team I would not hammer you as hard, I am just a Farve Hater.

The Colt's and the leagues best QB. Peyton Manning. NUFF SAID!

Colt's vs. Saint's in Miami for the Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7th



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing Catch up

Miss a Fridays Night post and come back Saturday night and I feel like I need to write a novel to get current. Well I am not a novelist so I am gonna do my best to keep it short, plus I am tired. But I hope this catches me up

So Friday night T and I have on the Hope for Haiti Music Telethon and we are trying to explain to C1 what the deal is. First we are attempting to go over what a Earthquake is and how it happens and why the houses are torn apart and he is getting this look and asks if it is going to happen to our house. "No C1, I dont think a Earthquake is going to hit Ga."  Then Anderson Cooper is showing the story about a little boy named Monley that was stuck in the ruble for 8 days. We told him about not having his mommy and daddy anymore and the word adoption came up. So now T and I are explaining what adoption is and how he doesn't have anything like clothes and toys, and then C1 tells us he wants us to adopt Monley and how we have to go to Old Navy and buy him some clothes. I am a very emotional and caring person and as a dad I am so proud to have a child that is also so caring. Yes my children love their stuff and want things on a daily basis but to know that he can see a little boy near the same age and want to help him is so awesome. 

Brings me to Saturday, we didnt really do anything during the day. The weather around here still sucks and the kids hung inside all day today. T went to the grocery store and took C3 with her.  Now if you look at any of the pics of my little darling C3, you will notice my babys beautiful head of curls.  Well today since her hair was wet and T was in a hurry, T decided to blow dry and STRAIGHTEN C3's hair. Now I am pretty much the most useless daddy around, cant do hair, bows, baths hardly, but when I saw her hair, I have to admit.....I didn't like it.  I love my baby's curls.  T took pics and I will post them later, since she is the only photographer in the house and I have to pay her money to lift the copyright. Or if I rub her she lets me use them.  I gave C3 a bath tonight and fixed the curls back.

Later Saturday, we had our best friends over for some damn  good Lasange T cooked. The kids had a great time playing with the other 2 C's.  So in our house tonight there was This Daddy, T, LM, BM, TM, and 6 C's.  Good luck following that.  T and I are getting to bed late and we have a birthday party tomorrow to go to.  Now I am not going to miss the party because I work 50 million f-ing hours a week and hardly get to see the kids all week, so I am going to be there and watch my C's have fun.  But I still have to ask.....If you are a man and you let your wife schedule a bday party on NFL Championship weekend then where is the madness going to stop?  See I would never let T do that (actually I would have no choice) and she knows shit like that is important (doesn't care), and she is just that damn lucky that none of our C's bdays fall on important sporting events. (No I am the one that is lucky).............Good thing for dvr.  Seriously Championship Sunday, and a bday party?

Oh well.....GO COLTS and GO SAINTS!!!!!



Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Question Friday

5 Question Friday brought to you by
My Little Life

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?
Well if I get to stay with T and the 4 C's, I would rather grow old w/o money...But if I know T and the 4 C's can be better off without me and have the money, than I go early and let them absorb the wealth

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?
That would be me, but if I forget and T has to do it....Oh shit look out I amin trouble

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
Yeah kinda like groundhog day, I keep having this dream (nightmare) that I wake up and go to the same job everyday.

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
Not really. Do armpit fart noises count? What about human beat box, like old school rap? Drums on my knees?  Still the answer is no

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
I would sell anything and everything that would make it easier to be a dad. Name of the store "Dads R' Us"



Fridays Final Thoughts 1-22-10

After almost 2 months of this blogging stuff, I have found out 1 thing............This shit is addicting.
My wife loves me even though I take worse pictures than C1
We are going to a B-day party this weekend, so being the over the top sports fan that I am, I am wondering why would someone schedule a party on NFL Championship Sunday?
Wondering will John Edwards catch as much shit as Tiger Woods? They both cheated on their wives, but John Edwards wife has Cancer and he fathered a child with "The Other Woman" So who is the bigger scumbag?
And I am sure I will catch shit for this, but oh well.....I love going on MckMama's MckForum Community and reading all the stuff that gets posted.  I think I am one of the few guys on there and it is like a Cat Fight (except in text), these woman go at each other sometimes and it is so funny.  That MckForum is like the ultimate reality show.

Now for the sports portion of my Fridays Final Thoughts

Indianapolis Colts (-7.5) vs. NY Jets..............Colt's win and cover the points
New Orleans Sanits (-3.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings..........Saint's win and cover the points. Sorry Farve you suck and I can't stand you....Go retire and come back again and play for another team...Then retire again.



Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Sippy Cups and Booty...That's right Booty

Beary Birthday update:  No cake! Just some M&M's. The C's didn't even bring up the Beary Birthday's today.

I get alot of phone calls while I am at work, most of them are from people cursing me out because we repo'ed  their cars  back from them that they were not paying for. But today I got a dreaded phone call from T, when I get this phone call  I always think that nothing good can come from it.  She tells me she is going to Babies R' Us.  OoooooK. Fast forward,  she then tells me when I am on my way home tonight, she can't wait to show me everything she got for the kids. When she says that word EVERYTHING, she means lots of stuff.

So I get home and she is hard at work putting laundry up, damn I love my T,  out for most of the day and comes home to slave over a full laundry basket. Then I hear another phrase that makes  my ears bleed..."Lets show daddy ALL that we got today",  oh man I hate those words. So I walk into the bedroom where she has like 20 bags. (no I am just kidding)  She pulls out these little plasma bag looking things that are some kind of food or juice or whatever and tells me how cool they are. Some puff snacks for C4.  Yeah,, some clothes for C4, like 2 pairs of the same clothes.....I don't get it, she says they are different sizes and the same thing goes for the stuff she bought for C3.  Little summer flip flop sandals things for C3 and C4.

Some other snack foods for C4 and a stainless steel sippy cup. More on the cup later. C4 is attacking the snack thing like he has never eaten before. C3 started eating some  "Pirate Booty" a organic nautral cheese puff.

I thought I was the only one in the house that got some "BOOTY"  Oh well

Ok now for the sippy cup. A stainless steel BPA free cup for C4. T is the only one in the house that knows anything about all this shit. Me, I would have thought it was a Mid Major Conferance in College basketball. So she tells me to get the "Instruction" for the cup. F-ing instruction for a sippy cup. Yeah.  See for yourself

No, you are not blind, It does say "A Few words of caution and Common Sense"

1)We shouldn't have to tell you this, but DO NOT MICROWAVE! Metal objects and microwaves don't mix. Bad things happen.  2)Please don't use with carbonated beverages. Carbonated liquids have lots of bubbles that may cause the cup to leak. The ones with sugar can also turn your 2 yr. old into a screaming banshee. 3)Not recommended for pulpy juices. Pulp can clog your cup preventing your child from being able to get liquid out. Thus, pulpy juices can result in sudden and spontaneous wailing. 4) The sippy cup is dishwasher safe, we throw ours in there all the time 5)Do not put hot liquids in cup, children are not adept at drinking hot liquids and nobody likes to burn their tongue.
So here is C4 and his new sippy cup that came with all these instructions. I swear to you that these are real and came with the cup

I am very pleased to say that T did save a shit load of money at Babies R' Us. She got shorts for $5 and the next pair was .99 cent's.  She told me she spent like $70 and then started adding up the clothes and things if it would have been full price and she was at $70 and not even half way through the stuff.  I have to give it to her, she will not buy stuff if she can't save a buck or three.  So even though I hate getting the call and hate seeing a hundred bags at the house, I know that she got some great deals. Reason # 285 why I love me some T.

So T got some great deals and that makes her happy, C3 got some clothes, C4 got a cup and some clothes, food, drink or whatever the hell those things are, C1 & C2 really didn't care, and I am the only one that didn't get anything. Guess I am off to get some BOOTY......Natural Organic "Pirate Booty", no I am not talking about T either, she is not a Pirate.  Hmmmm, maybe I could ask? She would look cute in a Pirates costume....Nevermind she is asleep already



Random Headlines from USA Today 1-21-10

So there were finally some headlines in the USA Today worth making fun of this morning.  News is usually doom and gloom and depressing, so I attempt to give you a laugh.

Goat smashes glass doors at California strip club...Calif. P.D. hires Dr. Dolittle to find out that Goat was unhappy about his lap dances

ASPCA: Woman kept 37 cats in 1-bedroom apartment....Woman's boyfriend told police he couldn't handle that much, uh you know, yeah figure it out.

Michael Douglas thankful for 'Viagra, Cialis' ....So is Katherine Zeta Jones Douglas (wife).

Behind every great man, there's a great woman's story....Unless that woman is wearing a strap-on...I would have rather the headline been the other way around. More punchlines, but I did the best I could



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First things First

Today (Wednesday) was a day of firsts for This Daddy.  Some funny things happened to me today at work and then I was hit with some important news when I got home from work.

So I sit at a desk all day and make phone calls all day long trying to find car that people dont pay for so my drivers can go out and repo them.  So being on the phone all day, I usually don't call home alot unless something is up or I have a question or whatever, you get the idea......I use the yahoo chat to talk to T during the day, and today was no different.  So I was chatting with T and then I clicked out of the chat mode and then got back in and cliked T's name and proceeded to give her a lil semi-dirty talk. You know the "Pants Off-Dance Off" kind, hit send and then a minute or so later I heard the sound of a message hitting me back. Hey it was a guy that I play fantasy football with over the past 2 years, that I chat with every now and then.  Mashville Ballers, he sends me a message asking me "Hey dude, what the F,  why did you send me this and I don't go that way?"  AGGHH. Holy WTF, You are not T, I look at the message and it got sent to Baller. Oh my, yeah a little mix up, anyways he declined my offer and I quickly changed the subject.

So my next first happens when I walk in the door at home.  C1 runs to me and tells me tomorrow is a BIG day, I ask why and he tells me it is Beary's Birthday.  Really, I say and he tells me that they have presents and everything. (Went shopping in his room) Then he tells me that Beary is going to be 7 years old. OK.

Fast forward, and it is time for C3 to hit the sack. But she can't go to sleep until she finds her Beary. So we start the search and look everywhere, or so I thought. Look here and there and I am now getting pissed because I am looking for a f-ing Beary. Finally I talk C3 into going to bed and then I find Beary under the couch on the one side that I didn't look under, go figure.
C3 told me her Beary turns 3 tomorrow.

C2 who was already in bed was showing me that he already had his Beary some gifts and Beary wasn't waiting until tomorrow to open them. Now C2 never told me how old his Beary was turning on Thursday but I would think maybe 5 a little older than he is.

C4, no Beary in sight. Just the best thing in the world, sleeping up against Mommy T in one of the milllion slings that she has for him

So with all the Beary Birthdays's on Thursday, I am wondering if they are going to have Mommy T make a cake tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Beary. 7 looks good on you.



Wanna have another baby?

"Wanna have another baby?"  That is the question I asked T the other night and then she looked at me like I was crazy and started laughing and asking me if I was serious and still looking at me like I was insane.  "Yeah, I am serious" I mean it would be difficult and all considering a certain male doctor hand his hands all over me and cutting my balls and all, well not actually my balls but the vasectomy deal, close enough.

So T still can't get over the fact that I asked her this and I was sincere. I am an only child and I would have hated for C1 to be an only child. I love the fact that he has brothers and a sister. T has a younger sister and a younger brother.  She has always said she would love to have lots of kids. It would be very tough considering there are alot of hurdles to jump over. All of the hurdles are legitimate one's but they could all be overcome.

1) Vasectomy-either get reversal or just keep trying and see what happens. I personally like the keep trying part, only because that means I am getting some action (wink-wink)
2) Insurance- Neither T or I have insurance (my job is too cheap to offer it to us and I don't make enough to get it)
3) House- Not enough room and since the market sucks, its not like we could move anyways.
4) Money- Money is always an issue, but I have seen alot of people overcome this problem. I have way too often had to go back to my parents to ask for help and they have been great to us, but I am tired of asking for handouts.
5) Time- Is there ever really enough of this. NO. I work 12 f-ing hours a day and drive 1 hour to and from work. T has alot on her plate and where I know she could handle it, I would not feel right putting more on her plate.

There are so many things to consider, and lots of people have lots of kids and they make it and as long as there is love and family togetherness(?) then anything is possible.  Everyday is a struggle to stay emotionaly intact and it has so much to do with my job, time away from home, stress, it all adds up and I battle it every day.  Would another child make it better or worse, don't know the answer to that, but it doesn't mean that I would love my wife and kids any less and I would continue to bust my ass to provide for them the best I could and make sure that T is able to stay home to care for them.

So again with all of this being said....Do I wan't to have another baby.....Yeah. I think having another child and adding to my team would be awesome. Tough and stressing, but awesome. There are probably some people out there that would call us stupid and crazy for having more but I dont care.  My true loving family and friends would be there by our side to help us through.

Now while I am a person that believes in our God, I do have a hard time believing that everything happens for a reason and that he is the reason. I do believe though that T and I decided it was time to get the BIG V (vasectomy)  because we believed that our family was complete. But you know things change. T and I are very, very happy  with our 4 C's and if someting ever happens to add to the C's then we will still be happy. In shock, but happy.

So while I don't think it will happen anytime soon, you know with the clippage, snip-snip and all, it will be fun trying, well not really trying but you know the actual act part. We are not trying per say, but I mean the, you know "Pants off-Dance off", that is the part that will be fun. If it ever happens, I think my first instinct will be to show up at a certain doctors office very pissed off, with a cup full of samples and then I guess I will take it as it comes.

So until that day when T shows me a test that smells like urine and it has a positive mark on it, I will not worry about it.  But just so she knows,  I was serious and sincere in my question to her the other night

"Wanna have another baby?"

Love you lots T.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This and Tat.......Tattoo that is

So with some of the blogs I follow now (yeah, it is true I follow blogs, Real Men follow and HAVE blogs) doing posts about their tattoos (  & I decided to do one about mine. 

 This is my very first tattoo, on my left arm. A basketball inside of a sun

This was my second tattoo, right arm. A spinning basketball
on the middle finger.

Next was the large C on my upper back left side.
It has the kids names coming out of the letter.
I always told T that when we had kids I wanted to get
kids names tattooed on me.

Last and most painful is on my chest over my heart.
The wifes name (no wonder it hurt)




Do you C what I C?

Maybe a couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to show that my kids are number 1 to me, you know something that dads do almost everyday....I am talking about wearing hats. Ballcaps. Lids. Buckets. Haircovers. Call em' what you want.

I thought it would be cool to wear hats that had the letter C on it. My kids all have names starting with C and I love to wear hats and I thought this would be the coolest thing. Hats with C's plain and simple.  Do you know how many sports teams use the letter C as a logo?  Alot, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs(I will never wear a cubs hat), old school Cleveland Indians and not even counting all the college teams that start with C's.  My favorite is the Chicago Bears stuff with the C on it.  People always ask me if I am a Bears fan, and I tell them "NO" just a fan of the C's. I have lots of hats, I mean lots.  My favorite C hat is a Chicago Bears hat that T and the 4 C's got me and on the back it has all of the kids names on it.......SWEEEEEEET!!!




Man who slapped child in Wal Mart found GUILTY....about time

I am so glad that this man was found guilty.  I would have kicked this guys ass up and down the WalMart for doing this.  I don't put my own hands on my children and I will be damned if someone else is going to. This is so disgusting that a person would do this, this is another reason why I don't trust people around my kids. I will only go to jail over my wife and kids. I myself would still be in jail after what I would do to a person who might do this to my kids

Walmart Slapper Found Guilty

Updated: 2:24 pm EST January 19, 2010

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A Gwinnett County judge found a 61-year-old man guilty Tuesday of slapping a toddler he didn’t know in a Stone Mountain Walmart.

The judge found Roger Stephens, 61, guilty of child cruelty in the second degree.

The judge sentenced Stephens to five years -- with six months of the sentence served in jail and another six months under electronic monitoring.

Since Stephens has already been in jail for five months, he will be out of jail in one month.

The rest of his sentence will be probation and will include mental health evaluations and treatment. He also will not be allowed to have unsupervised visits with children under 12.

Stephens no longer contested the charges of child cruelty which stemmed from an incident at a Stone Mountain Walmart in August.

Police said Stephens slapped a stranger’s 2-year-old who was crying inside the store. According to witnesses, Stephens slapped the girl four or five times with an open hand after telling her mother, “If you don’t shut her up, I will.”

The child’s parents were in the courtroom Tuesday and asked a judge for a stiff sentence for Stephens. The parents had asked for at least one year in prison.

Stephens’ attorney had asked for 6 months of probation. Stephens has been incarcerated since August


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