Saturday, January 9, 2010

#1 on Most Wanted List.....The Flu...Dead or Alive

So tonight I started looking over my shoulder. I looked behind doors, and peeked out the windows. I set the alarm to the house and got T's taser out of her purse and got it ready. Double locked all the doors too. I am doing everything I can to make sure that the evil bastard doesn't get back into the house. The FLU. This thing has hit my home like Ryan Howard hits baseballs out of the park. First C1, then C3 and C2 and now T and C4 has even had a fever. I am the only one that has not be battered and abused by the nasty bug we call the flu.  Fever, chills, aches and pains, stuffy noses at night, I mean name it and they got it. So now T is telling me that I am next, and I am a BIG BITCH when it comes to being sick. I am in the same boat as T just not as bad. If I do come down with the Flu, I still have to go to work, (I dont get any sick days at my job) except I sit at a desk all day and can pretend I am working. She has to run the household and take care of the 4 C's.  I hate being sick and feeling shity but I guess what goes around (my house) comes around (to me) I am going to try and do a pre-emptive strike against the flu. I am going to see if there is anything I can do to make sure I can avoid it.  I feel so bad for T that she doesnt even get a break during the week, so maybe this weekend I can let her TRY and get some rest.  The kids are on track to get well soon and maybe T also. She tried to land a blow to the flu by having me pick up some flu meds made by Hylands a company that makes natural meds for adults and kids. I went to 4 places after work and none to be found. I got more Motrin and Tylenol and Kleenex's for them but we have gone through so much of the meds it is crazy.  This is gonna be the weekend we try and get everyone well, lots of rest and fluids and more rest.  The weather is supposed to be cold so I will make fires and clean the house and try to do the  declutter. Guess we will see how that goes.  Let you know later....Send get well cards to the West Ga. Flu Care Center here at my house. 



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