Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And where do you think you are going?

C4 who will be 8 months next week has recently gone through some changes.  He has been just sitting around and somehow moving himself around the house. He has been pulling himself up on things and loves to stand and bounce. T got him a bouncy swing thing that hangs in the doorways and he loves that thing. Bounces all over the place.  But very recently he has started crawling and when I say crawling, I mean he is all over the place.  Put him in the living room and he winds up in the kitchen.  Put him in the kitchen and he winds up in the play area.  He is getting around and has the bruised knees to prove it.  He is so happy and loves to try and follow everyone around. Most of all Mommy T.  I mean this boy loves to follow and hang by Mommy.  The other C's love to announce when he has changed his location.  So now the hard part is here.  Well the hard part in my eyes is making sure the other C's know that they have to make sure they pick up all the little things they like to leave out.  Tonight on the way home T informed me that C4 was under the kitchen table, crawling around looking for scraps. Reminds me of Laila the family dog.  So while the older 3 C's will continue to accidently drop food under the table, guess we need to make sure C4 gets plenty of ninny juice and  organic food that T makes for him.

The biggest problem in T's eyes (and this is only my thought, may be wrong) is that her last little baby boy who she holds and carries is getting older.  Now almost 8 months is not old at all but the way time flies and our kids grow so fast, I know she is not too happy about him crawling.  I mean I know she is excited about it, but there are only feelings that a mother can feel.  And I know she has a little piece of her that doesn't want this time to fly by so fast.  That is what makes her a great Mommy, she takes every moment and slows the clock so she wont miss a minute. 

So now that C4 is crawling, it is time for T and I to do the most important things
LOVE our little C4 and slow the clock down

 Caputre every moment and keep it close to our heart

 And dont blink, cause you never know what he is going to do next



Nikki B. January 28, 2010 at 9:40 AM   Reply to

awwww...sad! i remember that feeling when my baby started hitting milestones like that! i also remeber when he used to hang out under the dining table, looking for scraps, too!

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