Sunday, January 31, 2010

Babies R Us or Getting kicked in the Balls?

So after being sick all week I finally started to feel better Saturday afternoon and T and I decided to have so friends and their kids over that night. The kids seemmed to have a good time and the adults, well we just hung out and talked about how this couple has a tough thing they are going through and I offered my services to go kick someones ass if they wanted me to.  I have to give a large amount of credit to Mr JF because of the whole deal.  I mean if I were in that position I would really kick this other dudes ass. But good for both of them the way they are handling it is the best way for them. But the offer is still out there for the ass kicking.

There used to be a time when we would go shopping at this certain place and a feeling would come over me. A warm, fuzzy feeling. It made me feel great and I would have a smile.  T would wonder what was wrong with me.  That feeling that was coming over me was the feeling of being horny. I can remember when T and I used to go shopping at Babies R Us or shopping for any other baby stuff I would become horny.  Seriously, I don't know why but maybe that is why T kept getting pregnant.

Today I realized something.......I hate being at Babies R Us. I wanted to get a running start and jump into the wall.  HEAD FIRST.  T spent like 30 minutes looking at the same shit, like it was on a revolving shelf.  The kids and I sat in the rocking chairs counting patterns on the bedroom sets.  I thought at one time we actually banned this store......guess not.  I thought about trying to breastfeed one of our kids just to see if we could get thrown out, oh wait we were not at Target.  I love my wife and she didn't go out of control but I really would have rathered been kicked in the balls then go there again.  You would think that they would not even let me in there again after I called and threatened to blow the place up 7 years ago when they f-ed up our furniture order.  Guess they don't remember me.

Then I had to go to HH Gregg to return the f-ing phones that we had so much trouble finding. We are just going to keep our old phones and get new batteries.  I am so sick of the phone shit. 

Now to the "I am getting old" portion of the post.  The Grammy's are on and I am wondering why is Pink so damn ugly.  Why did Beyonce' who was looking good tonight grab her junk?  I mean she must have some junk in there to grab right?  I wonder if Jay Z knows?  Lady GAG GAG is the UGLIEST MAN ALIVE.

So I guess I am so excited to go back to work tomorrow.  At least a co worker fixed my laptop at work that got a virus on it and it would not operate it at all.  So I can get back to blogging and finding non car payers at the same time.

Things I learned this weekend, C1 will never stay behind the table and away from the tv, C2 is addicted to Super Mario on the Wii, C3 will always be hungry before bed and lose her damn beary every night and C4 is a very fast crawler.

T is watching some show about the Druggers and I would rather pull nose hairs out with burning hot tweezers.  Gotta go get some laundry so I am gone.  To my C's if you ever read this, C1, C2, C4 stay far away from baby stores when you get to that point and C3 please don't make your man go there.



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