Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bachelor....Come on Jake...really...Do you need my baby wipes

Tonight T and I are watching The Bachelor.  We always watch it later since I get home late but it is one of the highlights of the week. I love this show. I know that might be crazy for a guy to say but this show is F-ing Great.  I think it is so funny that these girls think they all LOVE HIM. Ok so I am going to tell you who T and I like on the show. 

My 2 picks are Elizabeth and Ali and T's picks are Ali and Gia. Some of the others are ok but there are some very strange girls. First Michelle is a NUTJOB and she is the one that is going to stalk Jake.  Rozlyn is a and excuse me to all the ladies who read this...but she is a skank.  Big Loser and I want to call her another word but I am respectful to others, I guess.  So she is kicked off the show, she is crying and I am laughing my ass off.  Now all the other girls are like...oh my god...oh what happened.  So Christine is the group drunk.

Elizabeth..."You can't kiss me"  She tells Jake and he really liked that. T and I liked that too.  Plus a brunette, nothing hotter than a brunette with a nice smile and a do not kiss me tag on her face.  Ali, a cute blonde who both T and I like. She had a great date with Jake and they finished off with some Chicago. By the way, there might not be a better all time band than Chicago.  Gia, who T likes seems to be down to earth and not to over the edge pushy, but now I sound like Jake, talking like I know these girls after 4 hours of showtime.

But I am sorry to sound like such a male pig, but some of these girls are so ugly (in my opinion).  I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but come on Jake, really, Vienna?  I mean she looks like a dude, got me thinking about an Aerosmith song, "Dude looks like a lady".   Michelle this crazy bitch is out of her mind. I am telling you wait a couple more episodes and she will be going after Jake with a knife.

Tenly, T and I cant believe this girl, she is saying she loves him....HAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah.  The one who is a mom with the son, who gave him the little plane, she seems far.  T and I are happy that our girls got Roses and now the Rose Ceremony
Ali (nice), Elizabeth (awesome),  Vienna (WTF-Jake), Gia (nice), Tenley (oh my-she loves him), Ella (a mom-ok), Alicia (who cares), Corey (another who cares), Jessica (who?), Ashley H (why?), Michelle (what the F-Damn Jake-take it back), Final Rose is..........Katherine (and again why?)....

Wow cant wait till next Monday...see what other Psycho women he can keep around... As long as Elizabeth, Ali and Gia are around we are good.

Now all the girls who get kicked off are crying and saying they found love and they are so sad....get the kleenex's out and clean up your eye makeup...hahahahahahahaha

Next week...looks good, like my girl Elizabeth might be out the door and that would SUCK. 

Well at least I got baby wipes on the way home and I wont get punched by my awesome wife tonight and I can now put the Burts Bees Salve on my hands and rub and cuddle with my wife.  I forgot to go get wipes at lunch and T was not happy so I had to make sure that I got them after work.  If I could get a hold of Jake I would clean up his choice of women with the box of baby wipes.  Wipe up the tears that they cry over him after they get their ass kicked out of the house....

C1 was excited to tell me he learned about South America and Brazil today and how rubber bands come from trees and coffee also comes from Brazil. T does a awesome job of schooling him and I am proud of both of them.

C2 was happy that I read The Ugly Duckling tonight and he couldn't wait to get into bed so he could look at his new Cars Movie poster that I hung up for him.

C3 was only wanting Mommy T tonight and nicely asked me to leave her room before getting tucked in.

C4 was a little fussy and finally got tired enough to go asleep with a little ninny juice and peace and quiet.

I now leave you with these thoughts.....Be glad you have your husband and or wife and dont have to go on TV to deal with the Crazies and skanks or mansluts.  Love the one your with, unless you are out and about and then wait till you get home and then love the one you are with



Heather January 12, 2010 at 8:58 AM   Reply to

I have been patiently waiting to see what you and T had to say about The Bachelor. My husband and I have been watching it together. We both like Elizabeth and Ali. Michelle, the psycho, needs to go.

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