Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor....Views from.....well not a Bachelor....But Me This Daddy

WARNING:  POST IS LONG........VERY LONG....A play by play of  This Daddys  view of The Bachelor

So we are watching The Bachelor tonight, and T has already found out the spoiler and that really pisses me off.  I love it when we watch shows together and don't know anything but.....T just has to know.

For the love of god , he picks Vienna to go on the f-ing date and they go bungee jumping and then they kiss. NASTY!!!!!!  Ok I mean she is not the ugliest girl in the house and not even close to the nastiest, but I don't  like her.  Sorry, I know he likes her but I dont and that is that.  It is funny to see the other girls (bitches might I say) cringe and lose their skins when she talks about the date.

Ok group date time and Jake (watch out for PSYCHO MICHELLE) takes the girls to the comedy club. So I am hoping that Elizabeth and Ali rock this.  And now this Ashliegh is CRYING....WTF, you are at a comedy club, kick her ass out on the curb!!!  HAHAHAHA, Michelle is BOMBING.. this is some funny shit!!! She is such a f-ing loser.  And Making fun of, Jake did not like that at all.

Holt shit, how many of these chicks have been married before?  Tenley, Vienna and who next.  Jake, the girls he is falling for, he needs some help, losing points from me bro.....Jake, get real!  Girls are fighting.....CATFIGHT, get it girls.....pull hair and shit....come on....Ok so what is the deal with the girls and I mean almost ALL the girls wearing knee high go-go boots?  I must be missing something on the go-go boots.

By half way through the show tonight Jake has taste tested almost all of the girls tounges.  Again, Michelle is spitting out of her mouth and looking INSANE. Push her ass in front of a car and get her shit over with.  She wants a husband and kids and now he is kissing her.......SHE IS NUTS.  Hell F=ING yeah, Michelle is gone...DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!!!!! Now she can't even believe she is getting kicked off...HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA.  Na Na Na Na  Hey Hey Hey GOODBYE.

Ella's date is next, the mom trying to find love and now the girls are swinging at Vienna like she is a baseball.  Ella and Jake at SeaWorld and I think he likes her, and he got her son to come visit.  Good job Jake, nice move and a class act.  Well I kinda like Ella now too, gotta feel good about the mom,  ecspecally since she is more mature.  T just told me she likes her too. Even knowing that she knows who wins the f-ing thing. Damn Spoilers.  Hell yeah, a Rose for Ella.  Good job Jake, kissing her now...get ya some Jake...

Rose time......Drama time......Elizabeth, just kiss the damn dude, she might be gone.  T and I are watching this and thinking about why Vienna has time when she has a rose already.  Drama....T is now switching on Ali, and talking shit about my Elizabeth who is now acting CRAZY. Give out the fudging roses already..

Vienna (nasty ass ugly chick), Ella (MY NEW NUMBER 1), Gia (T's girl), Cory (come on dumb ass), Tenley (?????), Ali (good pick, but she might be a jealous bitch), Jessie (WHO?), Katherine (nope), Ashley(AGHHHH), NO Elizabeth, FFFFFFF this, oh, should've kissed him.

Ok girls now get to stepping and crying, let the tears flow. As Justin Timberlake said Cry Me a River...

Sorry this was so long, hope you enjoyed it and get back for next week


Anonymous,  January 18, 2010 at 10:59 PM   Reply to

The whole mom thing at Sea World made me like Ella now too. Hubby and I agree that right now Ali is our fave. I knew that Tenley's divorce story would make him like her more. Hell, it made me like her more. Feeling sorry for someone who got cheated on always makes them more likeable. Wonder if the producers played it that way to drag it out more!

Seriously though, Jake is a tool. Just sayin. ;-)

Heather January 19, 2010 at 6:13 AM   Reply to

I didn't get to watch it last night, but I too know the spoiler. All I have to say is Jake has no taste in my opinion. I will probably watch it tonight. Thanks for the play by play!

The Mullins Life... January 19, 2010 at 7:16 AM   Reply to

I saw a preview that Tenley annouces that she is pregnant? WTF Who is the Daddy????

Scott S. January 19, 2010 at 8:10 AM   Reply to

Well I am no pulling for Ella the Mom. I know it probably wont happen and I dont want to know about the spoiler so I guess I will see. I cant wait to see when Michelle shows up on America's Most Wanted

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