Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dressed to Kill (ME) & Impress T

It is starting already.  C1 is only 6, but he is beginning a habit that I don't know if I can handle or support.  Mommy T, I know she can handle and support it, and I know she is excited about it right now.  I make my nightly call to the house as I leave work and T is telling me about the C's day.  C4 is fussy and has been crawling all over the place, C3 has made her share of stops today in the time-out spot, C2 is still having his transformation into this overly nice and helpful child, C1,  well here we go.  So T is telling me that C1 was looking through a clothes catalog today and picking out clothes he liked and putting circles around them.  She said he had circles around something on every page. Funny, cool, yeah I thought so.  My 6 yr. old is picking out his own clothes and checking his styles.  My kids all dress good (With no help from me). 

For the record  "Mini Boden's Spring 2010" catalog is where C1 is page shopping.

So T begins to show me the clothes C1 has picked out. I must admit my kid has some style. Now he did this all on his own. His circles, his choices and when I called him over to tell him I liked his picks, he got this huge smile and this look on his face that said "Yeah dad, im cool and I got style".  So then T is still showing me all the stuff, but this time she is pointing out how much these clothes cost. OH SHIT, NO WAY!  See I am not really worried because I know there is NO WAY IN HELL T would spend this much on clothes.

Fast forward to the bedroom, sorry no Pants Off-Dance Off this episode, but we are starting to watch The Bachelor and she is ordering some clothes from this catalog, ok still because I know she wont order too much.  Then all of a sudden she blurts out how much she is ordering and I spit up all over myself like a breast feeding baby who inhaled way too much boob juice.  I broke out in sweats and began to throw up in my mouth and asked her "I hope you at least didn't order the $30 underwear?"  Thank god she didn't. "OH but I have a coupon" she says, shit you better have 5 coupons.  So my kids will be dressed to impress for the Spring and Summer seasons and I swear to the green grass I walk on, there better be no underwear in that box when it gets to my door.

T's little 15%  off.  Yippeeeeeeeee

C1 picked him out some nice stuff out of this HIGH PRICED
Catalog from MINI BODEN.
C1 liked the red shorts and C2 is getting the blue shorts and shirts too I guess.

Note to anyone at the Mini Boden apparel company....Can I please get my kids a clothing contract. Your shit is crazy expensive. I don't even wear $30 underwear.



Tracy January 26, 2010 at 11:59 AM   Reply to

Ok its probably expensive because its made in the USA.

Oh and remember $30 shorts for Carson really means $10 each kid. Cain & Camlin will wear them. :)

Love you honey! :)

Scott S. January 26, 2010 at 12:02 PM   Reply to

Ok Honey, point made. I hate it when you are right...which is always...Damn it!

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