Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First things First

Today (Wednesday) was a day of firsts for This Daddy.  Some funny things happened to me today at work and then I was hit with some important news when I got home from work.

So I sit at a desk all day and make phone calls all day long trying to find car that people dont pay for so my drivers can go out and repo them.  So being on the phone all day, I usually don't call home alot unless something is up or I have a question or whatever, you get the idea......I use the yahoo chat to talk to T during the day, and today was no different.  So I was chatting with T and then I clicked out of the chat mode and then got back in and cliked T's name and proceeded to give her a lil semi-dirty talk. You know the "Pants Off-Dance Off" kind, hit send and then a minute or so later I heard the sound of a message hitting me back. Hey it was a guy that I play fantasy football with over the past 2 years, that I chat with every now and then.  Mashville Ballers, he sends me a message asking me "Hey dude, what the F,  why did you send me this and I don't go that way?"  AGGHH. Holy WTF, You are not T, I look at the message and it got sent to Baller. Oh my, yeah a little mix up, anyways he declined my offer and I quickly changed the subject.

So my next first happens when I walk in the door at home.  C1 runs to me and tells me tomorrow is a BIG day, I ask why and he tells me it is Beary's Birthday.  Really, I say and he tells me that they have presents and everything. (Went shopping in his room) Then he tells me that Beary is going to be 7 years old. OK.

Fast forward, and it is time for C3 to hit the sack. But she can't go to sleep until she finds her Beary. So we start the search and look everywhere, or so I thought. Look here and there and I am now getting pissed because I am looking for a f-ing Beary. Finally I talk C3 into going to bed and then I find Beary under the couch on the one side that I didn't look under, go figure.
C3 told me her Beary turns 3 tomorrow.

C2 who was already in bed was showing me that he already had his Beary some gifts and Beary wasn't waiting until tomorrow to open them. Now C2 never told me how old his Beary was turning on Thursday but I would think maybe 5 a little older than he is.

C4, no Beary in sight. Just the best thing in the world, sleeping up against Mommy T in one of the milllion slings that she has for him

So with all the Beary Birthdays's on Thursday, I am wondering if they are going to have Mommy T make a cake tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Beary. 7 looks good on you.


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