Friday, January 22, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-22-10

After almost 2 months of this blogging stuff, I have found out 1 thing............This shit is addicting.
My wife loves me even though I take worse pictures than C1
We are going to a B-day party this weekend, so being the over the top sports fan that I am, I am wondering why would someone schedule a party on NFL Championship Sunday?
Wondering will John Edwards catch as much shit as Tiger Woods? They both cheated on their wives, but John Edwards wife has Cancer and he fathered a child with "The Other Woman" So who is the bigger scumbag?
And I am sure I will catch shit for this, but oh well.....I love going on MckMama's MckForum Community and reading all the stuff that gets posted.  I think I am one of the few guys on there and it is like a Cat Fight (except in text), these woman go at each other sometimes and it is so funny.  That MckForum is like the ultimate reality show.

Now for the sports portion of my Fridays Final Thoughts

Indianapolis Colts (-7.5) vs. NY Jets..............Colt's win and cover the points
New Orleans Sanits (-3.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings..........Saint's win and cover the points. Sorry Farve you suck and I can't stand you....Go retire and come back again and play for another team...Then retire again.



Nikki B. January 22, 2010 at 5:30 PM   Reply to

i got fascinated by forums when i was in a psychology class last summer. we were required to post and participate in a discussion board.

awesome to see the personality types, and why/what/when people step in to say something. and always fun to see those people who are over the top passionate about everything, fight tooth and nail for a purpose! very entertaining, indeed. know how i know you're gay? cuz you're a mckforum fan!! totally kidding...just bustin' chops! hope you and T have a good weekend!

Tracy January 25, 2010 at 3:35 PM   Reply to

Funny Nikki- When I first met Scott I thought he was gay. Well now I know he's not or I transformed him straight...

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