Friday, January 29, 2010

Fridays Final Thoughts 1-29-10

This Fridays Final Thoughts go like this

The only way I am going to get over being sick is to stop thinking I am sick, too much to do.

I know T is ready for me to get better cause I havn't done shit around the house all week

Why do I have cell phone sitting in my underwear drawer when they are not even being used? 

Another big WHY!  I had a vasectomy last year, so please tell me why I have boxes, yes boxes of condoms in the same underwear drawer.  Not like I ever used them in the first place and have so many needs for them now.   So be ready readers for my first Give-Away you may be winning boxes, yes boxes of condoms.

I am not going to piggy back on my wifes blog....but I am going to say this...Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but why some people worry and waste time over complaining about certain things is beyond me.  Breastfeeding....Not going away people,  get used to it and either learn to love it and accept it or turn your sorry ass face the other way and go walk into oncoming traffic.

Does anyone have some INSIDE VOICE they would like to sell?  My daughter is missing hers.

Just in case you have never watched Shaun White aka The Flying Tomato the guy is the best  snowboarder
on the face of the Earth.  Winter X Games 14 on ESPN this weekend and then he will be in the Winter Olympics.  Dude is AWESOME.

I know this happens at my home and my boys are young and will miss the toilet sometimes when they pee, but why in the world can the guys I work with NOT pee in the toilet.  Grown men. 

My absolute Final Thought for this Friday is this.......I love my C's and my wife.  I will do anything for them and if I cant do something for them I will without a doubt give it my best shot. 



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