Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun at the Festival of Weather

Yesterday (Sunday) was a fun day for us all as we headed down to the Ga. World Congress Center to check out the WeatherFest 2010.  This was an event that featured all of the local news weather people and some from the Weather Channel and also had some of the storm chasers there as well. The kids I think had a good time they got some cool stuff covering space and weather and how all of that worked. It was so jam packed with people and I lost count of the number of times that we had to comment about people bumping into us.  Some people were so spastic, kinda like the place was on fire.  It was neat to see all of the weather casters though, I got my picture taken with Fox 5's Ken Cook and we briefly talked about the Texas Longhorns and I got to see Karen Minton from across a crowded room, lol. Channel 2 by far was the most popular.

The day was kinda rainy but fun.  We got home and C1 & C2 got back on the Wii and continued their love of Super Mario. They love playing that game and they better enjoy it while they can because as soon as the weather gets better they are back to outside and only playing Wii on rainy days.

T made this f-ing awesome ham last night and I tore that shit up, it was so good. Then we watched 24, oh yeah baby, 24 is back and so is Jack. So tonight (Monday) is Jake and the Bachelor and Jack and 24.  Get the dvr ready.
And both of my picks yesterday were wrong so I am now 1 and 3 for the weekends games

Sorry F-ing Brett F-ing Farve and the Vikings spanked Dallas BAD
The NY Jets took the spark out of the Chargers.

So now we have Jets at Indy and I am already picking INDY
And the Vikings at Saints.  I would pick the Vike's but they have that bitch on their team, yeah the one that wears #4, yeah the flip-flop Farve. I am picking Kim Kardashians Reggie Bush and the Saints.



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