Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi....My name is This Daddy and I have a Problem

So over the past week or so or maybe longer I have broke one of T's set in stone rules. This rule has been in place for a long time and I have broke it many times before. She has gotten pissed and banned me from this activity many times in the past but I have always worked myself back into the good graces of T and she has let me off the hook alot of times in the past. I have let things get out of control and things have turned very dirty again. I told her the deal but I was able to sneak the evidence into the house without her actually seeing it. I was able to get it put away, well kind of.  She is going to find out in the morning and then I am sure I will get an earful. I will probably get a nasty email and or instant message about how I am not able to do this anymore and how gross and disgusting I am.  I have to admit I am gross and nasty and I have a problem and every time I think I am over it, it happens again and I get caught every time.

My name is This Daddy and I am a tupperware thief, a hijacker of the plastic, and kidnapper of the kitchenware a repeat offender.  T or I place the food in the evidence which was already placed in the dishwasher so it was unavailable for comment.  I take the tupperware to work with me and eat the food out of it and even clean it at work but it always finds its way to the rear of my car, a 2000 Chevy Impala with dark limo tint windows to hide the food storage items and so the car has pleaded the fifth and is placing the blame on me. I have turned all the evidence over to the dishwasher for forensic cleaning and to get the prints off so I will walk away from this crime once again, but there will always be the knowledge.  Could I have brought it in and got it past T, sure...well probably not, she is not stupid. But she is forgiving and she will learn to love to make me lunches again in the future...I can only hope

So if you are reading this and maybe you or a husband or a wife and or maybe even a friend, yeah that is a great cover, a friend has this problem....please get them the help they need. Bag lunches, disposable packaging, anything to make sure a loved one doesn't get hook into this dark circle of TUPPERWARE TERRORISM

My name is This Daddy and I am not only a member of the Tupperware Terrorist Group, I am the President....
This message was paid for and endorsed by This Daddy, also President of Tupperware Lovers of America



Heather January 13, 2010 at 9:08 AM   Reply to

Too funny. It always seems like my Tupperware goes missing too.

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