Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Sippy Cups and Booty...That's right Booty

Beary Birthday update:  No cake! Just some M&M's. The C's didn't even bring up the Beary Birthday's today.

I get alot of phone calls while I am at work, most of them are from people cursing me out because we repo'ed  their cars  back from them that they were not paying for. But today I got a dreaded phone call from T, when I get this phone call  I always think that nothing good can come from it.  She tells me she is going to Babies R' Us.  OoooooK. Fast forward,  she then tells me when I am on my way home tonight, she can't wait to show me everything she got for the kids. When she says that word EVERYTHING, she means lots of stuff.

So I get home and she is hard at work putting laundry up, damn I love my T,  out for most of the day and comes home to slave over a full laundry basket. Then I hear another phrase that makes  my ears bleed..."Lets show daddy ALL that we got today",  oh man I hate those words. So I walk into the bedroom where she has like 20 bags. (no I am just kidding)  She pulls out these little plasma bag looking things that are some kind of food or juice or whatever and tells me how cool they are. Some puff snacks for C4.  Yeah,, some clothes for C4, like 2 pairs of the same clothes.....I don't get it, she says they are different sizes and the same thing goes for the stuff she bought for C3.  Little summer flip flop sandals things for C3 and C4.

Some other snack foods for C4 and a stainless steel sippy cup. More on the cup later. C4 is attacking the snack thing like he has never eaten before. C3 started eating some  "Pirate Booty" a organic nautral cheese puff.

I thought I was the only one in the house that got some "BOOTY"  Oh well

Ok now for the sippy cup. A stainless steel BPA free cup for C4. T is the only one in the house that knows anything about all this shit. Me, I would have thought it was a Mid Major Conferance in College basketball. So she tells me to get the "Instruction" for the cup. F-ing instruction for a sippy cup. Yeah.  See for yourself

No, you are not blind, It does say "A Few words of caution and Common Sense"

1)We shouldn't have to tell you this, but DO NOT MICROWAVE! Metal objects and microwaves don't mix. Bad things happen.  2)Please don't use with carbonated beverages. Carbonated liquids have lots of bubbles that may cause the cup to leak. The ones with sugar can also turn your 2 yr. old into a screaming banshee. 3)Not recommended for pulpy juices. Pulp can clog your cup preventing your child from being able to get liquid out. Thus, pulpy juices can result in sudden and spontaneous wailing. 4) The sippy cup is dishwasher safe, we throw ours in there all the time 5)Do not put hot liquids in cup, children are not adept at drinking hot liquids and nobody likes to burn their tongue.
So here is C4 and his new sippy cup that came with all these instructions. I swear to you that these are real and came with the cup

I am very pleased to say that T did save a shit load of money at Babies R' Us. She got shorts for $5 and the next pair was .99 cent's.  She told me she spent like $70 and then started adding up the clothes and things if it would have been full price and she was at $70 and not even half way through the stuff.  I have to give it to her, she will not buy stuff if she can't save a buck or three.  So even though I hate getting the call and hate seeing a hundred bags at the house, I know that she got some great deals. Reason # 285 why I love me some T.

So T got some great deals and that makes her happy, C3 got some clothes, C4 got a cup and some clothes, food, drink or whatever the hell those things are, C1 & C2 really didn't care, and I am the only one that didn't get anything. Guess I am off to get some BOOTY......Natural Organic "Pirate Booty", no I am not talking about T either, she is not a Pirate.  Hmmmm, maybe I could ask? She would look cute in a Pirates costume....Nevermind she is asleep already


Taxi Driver January 22, 2010 at 11:20 AM   Reply to

That is hilarious! Instructions for a sippy cup and eatable pirate booty! What a day you had!


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