Monday, January 25, 2010

I can't hear you...You said what? Pink on her what?

Monday, oh sweet Monday, I am so glad you are here. Who am I kidding?  The only person that is glad it is Monday is my awesome wife who has patience dripping out of her damn ears. The wife who can sit in a cardboard box with 4 C's screaming and crying and look as calm and cool as Peyton Manning as he has 4 guys rushing at him at the end of a game.  Me on the other hand, I look like a rookie on a last place team and no offensive line who falls down and prays "Dont hurt me".   Last night C3 was going through her late night energy release and would not stop screaming and yelling. This girl has no inside voice, NONE WHAT SO EVER!   I can't handle it when she does this.  I would rather let the kids smack me in the face with wooden spoons. Seriously.  Oh well, so me losing it and got T about ready to strangle me, she was trying to do something and got tired of listening to me bitch and moan. Well she said  "Till Death Do Us Part" so I know she is not going anywhere. HA HA Honey, you are stuck with me!

Earlier in the day we decided to brave the Earth ending winds and rain to go all across the world to go to this birthday party. The kids enjoyed the party and I had some fun too, jumping in the gymnastics foam pit and playing with the C's.  I learned 2 things at this party.  #1. Is something I talked with T about last night and I can't mention it because I don't want to offend anyone, sorry to leave you hanging. Ask T if you really want to know.  #2.  NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER.....will my daughter wear any clothing that has words on the ass. I mean NEVER. If you let your daughter's do it, then good  for you, but I am not going to have anyone looking at my daughters ass. At this kids party, remember KIDS party, the girl, young woman, what ever you want to refer to her as, had on some sweat pants that had the word "PINK" on the ass.  Ok before all you out there say "Why you looking at her ass?",  when you are behind someone and big letters are on the back of sweat pants you just notice.   It was kind of funny because Saturday night, T's best friend LM even joked about the same issue,  asking me if I had seen the pant's she gave to C3.  Not going to happen.  What is the deal with that anyways?  Are they going to put shit on the front of the crotch too?  Whatever, I guess I am old, but I DO NOT EVER WANT any clothes for my precious, loud, curly haired, beautiful C3.

I do have a few reasons that I am happy on this Monday morning, lets go over them.........First the weekly repeating reasons.  The Bachelor, 24 and Chuck.  The Bachelor and the wacko nut jobs that cry every 5 minutes.  Go from Jake to Jack. 24 is my all time favorite show.  Then Chuck is one of my new favorites.

Then I was crying last night after the Saints vs. Vikings game.  Crying for JOY, JOY, JOY as the Farve Train got derailed and he once again lost the game for his team with his interception.  He pretended to be hurt and his wife and her looks of pain in the stands. OH BOOO HOOO. Or rather HA HA. Sorry to the Vikings fans, if he was not in your team I would not hammer you as hard, I am just a Farve Hater.

The Colt's and the leagues best QB. Peyton Manning. NUFF SAID!

Colt's vs. Saint's in Miami for the Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7th



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