Monday, January 4, 2010

Jake the Bachelor...Strippers...and oh great..another sick C

Sitting here in bed watching The Bachelor with T and we are picking out the girls that are right for Jake. Ok, some of these girls are not good looking at all and some are WOW...HOT...T has here favorites and I havn't picked mine yet. We always watch these UNREAL Reality shows together and we enjoy talking shit the whole time. I pick the football chick in the red a brunette..Elizabeth and T likes the chick in the yellow a blonde Ally or Ellie and the girl who dressed in a airline outfit. There is one girl Michelle who is a wack job and a stalker and a freak...lose her Jake, kick her ass of the show.....HAHAHA, this is so F-ING funny these women are crying over a dude they met 2 hours ago and swear they are in love...HAHA....and he just gave the 1st Impression Rose to a fricken nutcase...AGH Jake...come on your eyes. He kept the nutjob and these girls that got kicked off are crying and I am loving this....oh my...please let me call Jake and tell him about all these freaks....So this will be fun to write about every Monday night.  So on MckMama's blog community today some of the ladies are talking about husbands going to strip clubs and I think it is so funny. T used to waitress at one and I used to go to them all the time. If you trust your spouse, sho cares and whats the big deal?  Girls at strip clubs are there to make money and just tell your men to go without money and all they are doing is looking. Guys can look at women at WalMart or the mall or anywhere. Ladies get some balls (ovaries) rather and trust your men. We are all not Tiger Woods. If T went out to a male strip club I would not care, or if she went to a female strip club, I would be like "Hell Yeah". The fact that we dont go is because we have 4 C's and we just dont have to or the want or the need to go out and party. We can party right here at home. Strip clubs are not the end of the world. To me wouldn't you be a little more weary of your husbands going out and not telling you where they was going. Trust me people, smell your man when he comes home if he smells like baby powder then maybe he got a little to Enough is enough....we married our woman because we loved them...TRUST YOUR MAN.

So after all of that fun talk about strippers and The Bachelor I have to come back to reality and talk about my day today. Well after C1 being sick all last week, I felt like shit today and sat at my desk all day and drank hot tea so my throat would not hurt.  I think T and the C's had a good day and she finally got everything back on schedule for the most part. We finally got flooded with a ton of repo orders today at work so maybe I will finally get some extra deals and can finally find some cars to repo.  I called T on the way home and heard C3 screaming asking to get out of timeout, she sounded like a cat yelling MEOW. Now she just climbed in our bed at 11:30 and has a temp of 101. Great now she is gonna be sick, time for T to put the Nurse hat on. Sick kids, man this stress' me out more than anything. So I am cutting this short and hitting the sack, just in case we have to be up alot tonight. I hope see is not sick....Goodnight



Heather January 5, 2010 at 6:42 AM   Reply to

I really liked Elizabeth and Ali too and totally agree that Michelle has GOT TO GO! She is a weirdo!

So sorry about the sick kids again. That is not fun.

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