Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look what FLU into my house....and wasn't even invited

My day was nothing compared to T's day today. Actually her long day started Monday night, early Tuesday morning. C1 just got better, now C2, C3 and T herself are all sick. The Flu has flown into our house, now if you don't mind get the F out. I left T to do all the work last night and this morning and then she had to deal with it all day long.  cleaning up throwup and doing laundry and cleaning up kids is something all moms do and they are great at it, but tonight I had to try and make up for it. Now I did get home late because i had to stop and get motrin and then I tried to do a little something around the house and in the kitchen and a little here and there. C1 and C2 got to stay up a little later and then I read them Big Bear, Little Bear. Nice Story. C3 is sleeping in our bed tonight and I hope she feels better on Wednesday. T needs a break, really she does. She did tel me that C1 was a huge help today around the house. So to my babe I hope you sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow and I hope C3 is getting better and maybe C1 and C2 will be over the sick streak. You know the sick streak that is streaking through out my house like Will Ferrells character in Old School screaming "Hey everyone we are all going streaking" Yeah you sickness get the F out of my home and I will even pay for your cab outta town. C4 will the heavy dose of the ninny milk will be fine. Maybe I can get a shot of the ninny jjuice and protect myself from the sickness. So with that I am going to welcome in more cold weather, better days for us tomorrow and with tomorrow being BCS National Championship Eve......I say.....HOOK EM' HORNS



Anonymous,  January 5, 2010 at 11:33 PM   Reply to

That sucks that so many are sickly over there! Poor T! Hope everyone makes a speedy recovery!

Hook em! Oh, yes, you can be jealous that I'm actually from TX!

MBC Scrapbooking January 6, 2010 at 7:12 AM   Reply to

Just found your blog! Wow, that's awful. My family went through the stomach flu like that last Christmas. 9 of us in the house all sharing toilets and doing crazy amounts of laundry and walking around with buckets. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!! Hope you all are feeling better.

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