Sunday, January 10, 2010

Passing the weekend Mommy Test.....C+

Let me start out tonight by saying that even though T and C2 were snoring very loudly last night I did manage to fall asleep and I didn't even know that T and C4 went out to the couch to get some better rest. T asked me today "How did I like being the mommy for the weekend?" I think I liked it, but I don't think I did that great of a job. Let's just say that if she wanted to go on a girls trip for the weekend I might not be so excited about that. Not because I dont think she needs the vacation away from the real world but I dont think I would be able to do it without her help. So C2 and C3 were feeling better today and had close to normal days, yeah they are almost back to normal, meaning they were yelling, screaming, pushing, kicking and being mean and nasty to each other and sometimes us. C2 for some reason thinks he needs to yell and be so f-ing demanding and forget any manners what so ever....but that is probably my fault since I lose it sometimes and get on to him too hard, so he REACTS to me the same way I ACT towards him.

I wanted to do some things this weekend that would make it easier for T since she was sick and I figured that beyond the laundry, cooking, normal caring for the wife and kids, I thought I would give some extra attention to both the bathrooms.  First the kids bathroom. Oh shit, after taking a million and one toys out and away from the tub I had to pressure wash the bathtub crayon writing off the sides and then re-suction cup all of the hanging net thingys and then the sink with was no big deal after I hammer jacked all the toothpaste off the inside of the sink.  Now came the NASTY part. Holy shit, I never knew the tile on the floor by the toilet was yellow.  This was the most disgusting thing. I then wondered if the ocean were a toilet and my boys were on a boat would they be able to hit the spot? I have seen blind men not get a drop on the rim, not that I was looking or anything.  My boys take after their daddy (meaning well hung, very well), so they should have no trouble making the layup and dunking it home. Oh but no, they want to make the area around the toilet look like one of those crazy brush spray paintings........piss everywhere......Clean kids bathroom...done, but for how long?

T is snoring again....yeah for me!!!!

I am going to sleep on it for now and think or dare should I say dream about my boys actually pissing in the potty....

I am going to miss my wife and kids while I am at work tomorrow, but never fear I work with a bunch of guys that cant pee-pee in da potty either.



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