Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing Catch up

Miss a Fridays Night post and come back Saturday night and I feel like I need to write a novel to get current. Well I am not a novelist so I am gonna do my best to keep it short, plus I am tired. But I hope this catches me up

So Friday night T and I have on the Hope for Haiti Music Telethon and we are trying to explain to C1 what the deal is. First we are attempting to go over what a Earthquake is and how it happens and why the houses are torn apart and he is getting this look and asks if it is going to happen to our house. "No C1, I dont think a Earthquake is going to hit Ga."  Then Anderson Cooper is showing the story about a little boy named Monley that was stuck in the ruble for 8 days. We told him about not having his mommy and daddy anymore and the word adoption came up. So now T and I are explaining what adoption is and how he doesn't have anything like clothes and toys, and then C1 tells us he wants us to adopt Monley and how we have to go to Old Navy and buy him some clothes. I am a very emotional and caring person and as a dad I am so proud to have a child that is also so caring. Yes my children love their stuff and want things on a daily basis but to know that he can see a little boy near the same age and want to help him is so awesome. 

Brings me to Saturday, we didnt really do anything during the day. The weather around here still sucks and the kids hung inside all day today. T went to the grocery store and took C3 with her.  Now if you look at any of the pics of my little darling C3, you will notice my babys beautiful head of curls.  Well today since her hair was wet and T was in a hurry, T decided to blow dry and STRAIGHTEN C3's hair. Now I am pretty much the most useless daddy around, cant do hair, bows, baths hardly, but when I saw her hair, I have to admit.....I didn't like it.  I love my baby's curls.  T took pics and I will post them later, since she is the only photographer in the house and I have to pay her money to lift the copyright. Or if I rub her she lets me use them.  I gave C3 a bath tonight and fixed the curls back.

Later Saturday, we had our best friends over for some damn  good Lasange T cooked. The kids had a great time playing with the other 2 C's.  So in our house tonight there was This Daddy, T, LM, BM, TM, and 6 C's.  Good luck following that.  T and I are getting to bed late and we have a birthday party tomorrow to go to.  Now I am not going to miss the party because I work 50 million f-ing hours a week and hardly get to see the kids all week, so I am going to be there and watch my C's have fun.  But I still have to ask.....If you are a man and you let your wife schedule a bday party on NFL Championship weekend then where is the madness going to stop?  See I would never let T do that (actually I would have no choice) and she knows shit like that is important (doesn't care), and she is just that damn lucky that none of our C's bdays fall on important sporting events. (No I am the one that is lucky).............Good thing for dvr.  Seriously Championship Sunday, and a bday party?

Oh well.....GO COLTS and GO SAINTS!!!!!



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